The lunch that never went away.

6 04 2008

Today I went out to lunch with my friend. I ordered a sandwich of mussarela de buffalo, sundried tomatoes, and eggplant, all toasted. When it arrived, I realized that the eggplant (beringela) was not what I expected. In fact, it looked as if it had been shredded and soaked in oil. Bright orange oil that soaked straight through the bread (buttered, of course) onto the plate. I ate it. It was delicious. 


It is still delicious. It is a full five seven hours later. I am afraid it will still be delicious tomorrow morning and all through the day. At which point it will cease to be delicious and start to be something I will never order again in my life. 


Come to think of it, it might already be something I’ll never order again. Just thinking about it is making my stomach churn. Ew. I feel like I need a bath. 




One response

8 04 2008

Ewwwwwww….hate to love meals like that one.

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