checking in.

16 04 2008

well, folks. i’m here on morro de são paulo (and rachel?? you were TOTALLY right about this place. paradise.)

i sit now in an internet cafe and the shift button sticks, which is why i’m not capitalizing anything. that’s okay also because i’m on vacation and what’s the use of capitalizing anything on vacation. (i also just typed the word ‘anythong,’ and that’s kind of what the beaches look like. lots of thong action. my buddy jay is in double paradise.)

the big news is that my stomach is screwed. remember how i said i wasn’t eating meat? well I thought maybe i’d take a vacation from that pledge and so on our first night we indulged in churrasco (bbq, brazilian style.) that was three days ago. i am just today able to eat something again. talk about stomach cramps. talk about how i will never eat meat again if this is the reaction i’m going to get. oh, the hellacious torture of my stomach and intestines. things aren’t good, people.

but in other business, things are awesome. sun, beach, waves all day long. (well, no sun at night, but HOLY STARS, BATMAN!) i’ve got a nice even tan and have spent most of my time drinking water and soda and lying on the beach. there’s lots of other things to do here, but you have to pay for them all and i frankly don’t want to pay for anything. so today was a free day where we walked forever all the way down the beaches and almost got caught in a squall, but didn’t. where we’re staying is in a two-floor room ON the ocean. and when i saw ON, i literally mean there is nothing except sand between our room and the water. it’s cheap, it’s GORGEOUS and we have a hammock and a porch. it’s unreal and i can’t wait to show you pictures.

but i can’t take long. i’ve abandoned jay at a bar and he’s listening to music and i’m here typing away on a sticky keyboard. it’s 10:15 and i think it’s time to be polite to my guest. it’s great having a visitor, that’s for sure. i miss dennis like you wouldn’t believe, so much it takes my focus away from my painful cramping stomach, but there’s no need to do double damage to myself, so we stay in touch over the phone and this here internet.

well, folks, there’s going to be a little more radio silence between now and when i check in again, so sit tight and i’ll have some pictures from paradise ready for you before you can say ‘caipirinha.’




3 responses

17 04 2008
Rachel L

I’m SO glad you agree, and you certainly are deserving of a paradise vacation right about now! By the time you leave, you’ll be able to tell the time of day by looking at where the waves crash. Take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you….

17 04 2008

I can’t wait to see the pictures!

18 04 2008

Found your blog after googling “Evil Girl Scout moms” my daughter is a Daisy Scout and I can already see the politics and the cat-ery that is starting to grow. Thanks for sharing your very sweetly sad story. Your mom is sure special to have such an insightful daughter.
I’m having fun reading your blog. I used to blog along time ago when my children were infants and now it is nice to dive back in.

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