A day later and totally, totally worth it.

21 04 2008

Hi folks. 

It’s now 3am on Monday, a day later than I thought I’d be returning home. Just a quick run-down of recent events before I nod off for a few hours:

Saturday night:

Instead of heading back to Campinas, I stayed another night in Rio where my friend and I enjoyed REALLY GOOD Mexican food in Ipanema,  a scant 20 blocks from the hostel, which we walked in record time, mouths watering and eager for spicy food.


Woke up late (9:30), went to the Ipanema hippie fair where I browsed among the hundreds of sellers for cool things to bring home. Found cool things to bring home. Bought cool things to bring home.

Sat on the beach at posto 8, the designated gay posto. Ate fried cheese and an eggplant empada, and quickly fell asleep. 

Caught a bus to Sao Paulo, during which BOTH movies were in English. Score. This bus ride is really deserving of more praise than I have strength to offer at the moment, so I will share this story tomorrow.

At 9:30, took the train to Jardins in Sao Paulo to have surprise birthday STARBUCKS. Stayed until 11:30.

Caught the 12:30 bus from SP to Campinas. Fell asleep on the bus listening to Deb Talan of The Weepies, on repeat.

2am: home, on my orange couch, checking up on the goings-on I missed over the week. 

Monday (today) is a full day of quiet and sleepiness. Last day of vacation. Ahhhh.






4 responses

22 04 2008

What IS it about glorious, fried cheese? I can’t ever resist it.

22 04 2008

Right? And THIS fried cheese was prepared right in front of us on the beach and then doused with oregano. Holy cheese heaven.

25 04 2008

Fried cheese and Starbucks…now that’s a great pre-Birthday present!

25 04 2008

Right?! Ahhhh.

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