29: It’s like Tuesday.

22 04 2008

I knew today would be no big deal. First day back from an excellent vacation, establishing a routine of sorts again, rain in the afternoon but sunny most of the day. My students were wonderful and I received some very thoughtful and special gifts from them, which is more than I could have asked for. I’ll take pictures of them and post them when I get back home.

So I’m 29 today. Huh. Who knew? Everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to do to celebrate and I keep answering, “nothing.” It’s not a “nothing” out of gloominess, it’s a “nothing” out of a desire not to make a big deal out of the day. I’m 29 years old. If I were turning 30, it’d be a different story altogether and I’d be calling in the troops for a proper celebration. But 29? It’s like a Tuesday.

See, it goes like this: Monday is special because it’s the first day of the work week and everyone dreads it. Wednesday is special (hello? HUMP Day? It’s got its own nickname.) Thursday, too, is Thirsty Thursday wherein the excitement builds for the coming Friday and weekend, and Friday goes without saying. But what happened to Tuesday? It’s the “nothing special” day. It’s the, “well, I’m already into the week and in the early part of it, so, eh, whatever.” And this here is how I feel about 29. I suppose you could say I am now definitely in my late 20’s, which, when I think of it that way sounds scarier than early 30’s, giving me yet another reason to look forward to turning 30.

In other news, I’m planning a trip to Buenos Aires. I think. We have 4 days off in May and I think I might make the trip down. I thought Salvador was going to be my big trip, but now that I know I have 4 more days of exploration, I think I will head south.

I am also heading to yoga, right now actually, so I’m going to end this post and head off to some ujaii breathing and Warrior Ones. The rain is lulling me to sleep so if I don’t get going now, I never will.


I also guess the point is I wish Dennis were here. He makes me want to celebrate things, and when he’s not here, well, I guess I just feel quiet. 29 isn’t so bad, but it’d be a lot better if he were here.

Photo Update:
You can click on the photo and get details about what’s in it.
Birthday gifts from my students




7 responses

22 04 2008

Happy birthday! I felt sort of the same way about 29. Maybe it just bugged me that it was such an odd number – I felt like it needed to be rounded up or something. I definitely prefer saying I’m 30 now.

Wish I would have thought ahead and sent you Hershey Kisses, but with the way the mail runs to Brazil, I would have needed to have gotten to know you several years ago to get it there in time.

22 04 2008

Thanks! Funny you mention the Hershey Kisses: one of my students asked her mother, who was going to the States, to bring back a small bag for me for my birthday! So I’m all set on the Hershey’s front today….

Although, who am I kidding?

I’ll never be “all set” on the Hershey’s front.

22 04 2008

How sweet of your student!

22 04 2008

I know!!! I am blessed with the best kids ever!

22 04 2008

if you’re awake, check outside your favorite apartment door – yes, right now. and if you’re asleep, i DAMN sure hope that’s the door you use to go to leave for work tomorrow. 🙂 happy b-day…

23 04 2008

Ah ha!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

25 04 2008

Happy Belated Birthday! We’ve been on vacation or I would have posted this much sooner. Hope it was a special day even if it is only 29…wonder how I will feel about 29 when it comes up in July. I may be the only person not looking forward to 30.

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