On the phone.

22 04 2008

Me: Goodnight, Den.
Dennis: Goodnight, Bean.
Me: I love you.
Dennis: I love you. Happy Birthday!
Me: Thank you!
Dennis: We’ll have a real birthday party for you when you get back.
Me: Oh, but you don’t have to.
Dennis: Yes we do!
Me: As long as it’s just you and me, that’ll be fine.
Dennis: Of course it’ll be just me and you.
Me: And nachos.
Dennis: And nachos.
Me: And Israeli salad.
Dennis: And Israeli salad. I can do that for you.
Me: Thanks, Den.
Dennis: You’re welcome, Bean.




7 responses

23 04 2008

Do we share the same birthday? The 22nd?

23 04 2008

Happy Birthday.

23 04 2008
Rachel L

Happy Birthday GIna!

23 04 2008

And YES, Jeremy! April 22nd ROCKS!!!! Therefore, WE rock!! Happy Birthday to us!!! I knew there was a reason I liked you, besides your comics of course!

23 04 2008

We used to say Happy Solar return! And many more. Best wishes. Phones are amazing. Hope you got your birthday wishes and some cake!

25 04 2008
Nilsa S.

I missed your birthday caught up in my own antics. I’m so sorry. Happy birthday, cutie!

11 06 2008

A belated happy birthday!

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