I’ll fly away.

25 04 2008

Tomorrow night I leave for a trip back home to Vermont to check in on things, to make sure everything is as it should be. Technically, it’s not as it should be, but soon enough it will be. It’s about to be a ridiculously stupid ride for a ridiculously indeterminate time, but with positive thinking and a whole lot of yelling obscenities at lymph nodes, we’ll be up and running in no time.

My students absolutely rock my world. They are so sweet and concerned and supportive. I have every reason to believe that next week during my absence they’ll be well-behaved and wonderful for the substitute and I can just be at home doing what I need to do without needing to worry about what’s going on. My school administrators are amazing and have insisted that I make this trip home for my own sense of well-being. My family, needless to say, is speechless with thanks.

So folks, it’s the shit end of the stick and there’s nothing thrilling about shit. Forgive my use of foul words, but at a time like this, there’s no need to make my language pretty. We’ve got some cancerous fuckers in a place they shouldn’t be and I’m going to spend all my energy making sure they don’t set up camp for very long, otherwise Ms. C’s gonna tell ’em what’s what. What’s up NOW, dawg? What’s up NOW?

Heh heh.
So…..that’s the short of it. The long of it is still not entirely understood and I’ll relay it when I know it. For now, I’m coming home for a week and will be with my families. I’m charged and ready to go into battle, balls (if I had them) to the wall, and armed with a plethora of fabulous foul words ready to be aimed and fired at the appropriate targets.

The first time around, I did it all wrong. Not that I ever wanted a second chance at fighting bullshitmotherfuckingcancer but this time I’m in it to win it.

(And also it appears I’m in it to use a lot of metaphors and cliches. I hope—-for your sake—- things improve on all fronts or else this going to turn into one shameful blog.)




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25 04 2008

My thoughts are with you, Gina. Safe travels.

25 04 2008

I’m sorry you have to battle again. But sometimes, good things happen to good people. I pray that this is one of those times. It WILL be one of those times.
Be well.

25 04 2008

I like that philosophy, Marissa. I like that a lot. That’s what we all need to hear. Thanks…..

25 04 2008

Baby C, we all know you’re a fighter, and if you’re a fighter, you earned that from Baby T, and all of us will be here in Brazil cheering for you two to be completely well and happy because we love you both very much (And get ready for the cheasy [c-word… not the bad, Shakespeare one, the normal one… synonym of the s-word].) and that’s pretty much most of what you need, with the support of your wonderful fans and everyone at school, you’ll see how everything will turn out super fine!

25 04 2008

I’m happy that you’re being positive, Cogg. It seems that when you write so certainly that things will be fine, it’s impossible for that not to happen.

And here’s some more cheesy cra…um, C word:

Know that we love you both and we will be thinking of you. And cheering for you, like Alvy said. I know for sure that I won’t go five minutes without remembering that soon you’ll be back in Brazil with great news. And how can things not be okay when you’ve got this huge bunch of people supporting you guys?


25 04 2008
To Tina (aka Baby C’s Mom aka Baby T)… « HEART STATION

[…] that rhyme, it’s Baby T!) because Baby C’s visting her for a week for a very annoying reason. I don’t know if I’m the one to talk about it, so I’m leaving the link to her […]

25 04 2008

So I’ll be the first to say what everyone else will tell you…we are praying for you…cheering you on…and wishing you well. Safe travels. Honest to God I believe he gives the crap of life like this to people who can truly handle it. He knows that Gina C. is a fighter among all fighters and can push past any battle.

26 04 2008

I. hate. cancer.
I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you’ll be back with a good report.

28 04 2008
Nilsa S.

This is a wonderfully strong post, Gina. You are doing the right thing – you won’t ever regret being with family in times of need. This kind of karma will come back to you tenfold.

28 04 2008
Dewey and Elizabeth

Hello and love to all in Vermont. You are in our hearts. Tico will bring some of our love with him when he comes.

29 04 2008
Rachel L

You’ve got alot of cheerleaders on your side and I’m one more. Sending nothing but strong, positive thoughts in your direction…

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