The Money Seat: 19D

27 04 2008

For the record: I LOVE DELTA AIRLINES. They are consistently the only airline I fly on my trips between Brazil and the US. I always fly coach because Business Class is just out of the question, and I always have a safe and quiet flight.

This time, because this trip was so last-minute, I had selected one of the few seats remaining on the flight, which happened to be in the middle of the middle row. 19D. I despise middle seats, like everyone else, but I wasn’t going to argue anything.

But did you know that on the airplane I took there is NO 19D? There’s no 19C, 19D, or 19E. A and B, and F and G, they have, but no CDE. And so, when I had boarded the plane and stood in the aisle looking for my seat and realizing there was no such thing as my seat, I walked to the back of the plane and found a flight attendant. The conversation went like this:

Me: There’s no 19D.

Attendant: No 19D?

Me: No 19D.

Attendant: Where is it?

Me: It’s supposed to be in front of the bathrooms.

Attendant: Did you check the row behind the bathrooms?

Me: Yes. It starts again at 22. 

Honest to God, it was like we were talking about a watch I’d lost. Where had 19D gone? Where was the last place I saw it? When was the last time I had it? 

I followed her through the airplane toward another flight attendant who looked at me and my 19D and said, before I could say anything else, “You’ll be in Business Class today. I’m so sorry.” Sorry? SO sorry? Christ, this was a gift from the Delta Gods. I’ll take 19D any day. Nothing to be sorry about. 

I giggled my way all the way to the front, 4G (my lucky number by the way, AND the first letter of my name, so I knew it was going to be a good flight) and settled into a window seat where I quickly leafed through the Sky magazine to check out the films I could watch and read the menu for dinner. But no matter the amenities, I fell asleep right after I’d eaten half of my pasta dinner and was out until breakfast. 

I write now from a hotel near the airport. We are staying here because I have an early flight tomorrow morning up to Vermont, where I’ll be until Thursday. For now I’m resting and drinking coffee and later Dennis and I have an appointment to see an apartment in Brooklyn. It’ll be a busy day, which is a good thing. I’ll get to see his family this afternoon and build up some strength and rest before going home. Flying takes it out of me so I’m really thankful for today.





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27 04 2008

I really hope everything is OK….thinking about you in blogland 😉

27 04 2008

I hope this was just the start of many good things that will happen on your trip. Still thinking of you.

27 04 2008

Adding one more thing to the list of good: the caramel latte at a coffee shop right around the corner from my hopefully soon-to-be-apartment in new york!!!

27 04 2008


Good thing are happening and I’m sure its going to keep that way. Compare your luck with mine: On the first day of my party I twisted my ankle and couldn’t do anything but sit and stay in the pool. When I came back from there today I needed to go to the doctor and I needed to plaster my foot, and Wednesday I’m going to Club Med and I will not be able to do almost anything. And, the doctor is not sure if im going to be better two weeks from now on Volleyball Rancho.
You will continue to be lucky and your mother is going to get better really fast, she´s also going to be better because when I blew the candles and made a birthday wish I asked for her to get better. Everything will be alright!!! Have Hope!!!

27 04 2008

Woohoo I’m with Jennie. I hope this is the onset of many many more good things to happen on your trip home.

28 04 2008
Nilsa S.

Will you send the Delta gods over to American for my honeymoon? I could use some luck like that!

28 04 2008

Good things to good people! All the best to you and your family!

28 04 2008

Wow your luck was really good there, I hope it lasts forever ^_^

28 04 2008

Oh, such love tonight from you all. Thanks! I definitely feel it.

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