Oh yes, and this too:

28 04 2008

I forgot to mention that Dennis and I found an apartment in Queens. Would you like to know the name of the neighborhood?




If that’s not positive-thinking, I don’t know what is.





7 responses

29 04 2008
Nilsa S.

Isn’t it always the little things that brighten up our days? I think that’s fabulous Dennis found a bright & cheerful new neighborhood!

29 04 2008

Love it!

29 04 2008

That is great.

29 04 2008

What a perfect name!

29 04 2008

I know I know! I’m so thrilled about it all!!!

4 05 2008
Andrea P

Does your mom know you’re going to be living together???? I am telling!!

How great NYC, with a boy and a great job…. hmmm I remember doing something quite similar but in Boston

you’ll have fun.
will you make it for mariah’s grad 6/14??

4 05 2008

😦 I can’t come home until June 22 or something like that. School ends 6/19 and I’ll be on the first plane out once I get all of my stuff together. I’ll be missing Mariah’s graduation. 😦

But she can come visit me this summer in NY!

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