Tagline Help for my Mom’s First Blog!

30 04 2008

I set up a blog for my mom this morning. She’s a super fast learner and is ridiculously excited to be keeping in touch with everyone about news via this new mode of communication. It’s easier than writing a million emails, and so it’ll be really easy for her to inform people of her advances over the coming months.
She is also ridiculously excited about the blog because she thinks she’s the cutest woman in the world and she has (I admit) maybe the cutest header in the world. Forget puppies and kittens; my mom sitting in a pumpkin patch on a Vermont fall day takes the cake.

In any case, we both need your help. For whole minutes we sat stumped about a good tag line. Here were our thoughts so far, the first two from my mom:

  • “Do your best, angels can do no more.”
  • “The more the merrier.”

When she said she thought about those two taglines because they’re things she says a lot, I thought she could try one of these:

  • “Gina, there’s lots of things in life you’re not gonna wanna do but you’re gonna have to do them anyway.”
  • “Clean your room.”
  • “Shut up. Just shut up.”
  • “I’m so cute.” (Students, you understand where I get my sense of humility.)

So clearly we’re stuck. 

And this stuck-ness is really good for starting a contest. Necessity is the mother of invention and we need your help. We need a tagline, pronto. And the winner (or winners) will receive something from Brazil (from me) and something from Vermont (from my mom), a symbolic dual care package from me and my mom in gratitude for your wordly-wisdom. She doesn’t know about this prize but she’ll love it because I know my mom and she loves prizes.

What do you think?


But first, don’t leave comments on her blog because she’s got nothing written yet. Just her little cutey face and a bunch of pumpkins. So go ahead and leave your suggestions here on this blog. 

Second, my good friend Nate at Tell Him Fred said he’d donate his time to make a beautiful button for this blog to link over to my mom’s blog, so you can always get there from here to check in on her progress.

Third, when her blog is finally up and running, spread the word. Whether it becomes the tagline or not, the point really is “the more the merrier” for this team. 

Fourth, seriously. Did you see her header? So cute my cheeks hurt from smiling. 

EDIT: Contest Deadline is Friday, May 2




16 responses

30 04 2008

Oh my. She really couldn’t be any cuter with those pumpkins.

I’m going to try really hard to thing of a tagline, but I’ll have to think about it some more.

30 04 2008
Rachel L

Ok here’s my best first shot. (LOVE the pumpkin pic).

– Positively Positive
– Blogging is the Best Medicine
– In it to Win it (inspired by you Gina!)

Going to brainstorm more!

30 04 2008

I personally like your category name: “Mom is Wow spelled upside down.” Very cute! But that wouldn’t work with your mom as the author….

How about: “When life throws you pumpkins, make pumpkin pie”?

30 04 2008

Hilarious!!! (And she DOES make pumpkin pie!!)
My mom’s going to be the one to choose, so keep those ideas coming!!

30 04 2008
Nilsa S.

Oooh, there are some good ones so far. I’m not sure I can compete. Let’s see …

– Team Tina: Not your average Mom blog
– Team Tina: Fighting cancer one post at a time
– Team Tina: Mom fights back!
– Team Tina: When life hands you pumpkins, knife them into Jack O’Lanterns
– Team Tina: Where the goal is to be the last one standing!

I dunno. I’m pretty bad at this. I’m not in it to win it, cuz I think there are already plenty of great ideas for your mom. And she’ll get traffic no matter what. Go Tina!

30 04 2008
Judy Carter

Gina-I am an old friend of your mom’s from Arcadia and we hope she will be able to join the reunion group at my cottage in Rangeley in June. How about the beginning of an old favorite camp song called “No man is an island, No man stands alone”–All of your Mom’s Arcadian buddies are rooting for her—and you and Frank—each and every day!!!–Or how about—“It is the strong spirit that carries us up over the last hard climb and brings us home happy”–I’ll keep thinking!!!

30 04 2008

Team Tina: Killing cancer with cuteness.

I had to, the pumpkin picture is too much cute in one sitting.

30 04 2008

The pumpkin picture is just too much. She’s adorable. Woo I love contest…gonna be thinking about this one.

1 05 2008

Thats great of you to help your mom with this ^_^
“If you spend your time smiling, then you will have none left to be sad.”
I hope you and your mom are smiling right now ^_____^

1 05 2008

I am stumped.

1 05 2008

Ms. C I loved your mom only because of your description of her. I cannot imagine how much I would end up liking her if I met her in real life. I loved all of the headings and interestingly the modesty seems to have something related with heredity. I would certainly vote for the title of her being cute.

In computer class we were admiring the similarities btw u and ur mom. Ur faces are so identical. I really hope everything is fine with u and ur mom. I just want her to know that she has created thin fan club in Brazil and we are all cheering here!!!

a mega super kiss and we are missing uuu

1 05 2008

I had a few things listed earlier and my computer decided to shut down. Nice. Real nice.
So here’s what I can remember from the non-sense I tried to post.

1. As the Pumpkin Turns
2. The More the Merrier (I liked that one from your mom)
3. This Mama’s Drama
4. Tina’s Merry Musings
5. Tina Tina Go Gina Banana Fana Fo Fina Mi My Mo Mina….Tina!

2 05 2008

Here are two thoughts: adopted from the Vermont State Song- “Green mountains are my home”, and adopted from a poem by Aileen Fisher- “The pumpkin was all dark inside when growing on the vine, but now it has a toothy smile and face that’s full of shine.”

2 05 2008

These come from Judy Winder who tried to post them earlier but didn’t go through:

I always loved the NGHF on your mom’s license plate so
you could try – Naturally Gifted with Hundreds of
Friends; Nutty Goddess, Husband Frank; Nutty Goddess,
Hundreds of Friends; Natural Gusto, Hugs for Friends;

Also – Arcadia Camper
Florida Beacher
Skidmore Bad Girl
Vermont Teacher

or on the more serious side:

Nothing too hard it can’t
be done, No
battle too tough it can’t be won.

2 05 2008
At. Sarah (aka. SiS of WoW)

Let’s see. How about-

Posts from the Pumpkin Patch-

Tina’s Posts from the Pumpkin Patch-

UberMom in the Pumpkin Patch-

Cuter than Babies! Cuter than Puppies! Cuter than Kittens!

I’m TINA – Yippie !!!

I’m TINA – Smilely Face! Smilely Face!! Smiley Face !!!

5 05 2008

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