If the couch is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.

3 05 2008

Five hours ago I crawled back to my apartment, crashed out on the orange couch, and slept until just now. I cannot tell you of my exhaustion, cannot find the words nor the energy to write them if I had them in my fingertips, so we’ll have to let this suffice: I slept in coach, in the middle row, for eight solid hours. I slept during take-off, during landing, during dinner and breakfast. I slept on the 90 minute bus ride home, almost slept in the taxi, and then for five hours straight once I landed on my couch.  Traveling usually doesn’t take it out of me so much but this trip was a doozy.

I also lost it on the plane. I’d been asleep and then when dinner service began, I awoke hoping for ravioli but was disappointed when I saw risotto. I love risotto but I wasn’t in the mood for that kind of dinner last night so I ate salad and crackers instead, washing it down with some white wine and ginger ale. When I picked up the little packet of Thousand Island salad dressing, I burst into tears. They came quickly and without end and I wasted both of my napkins on snot and tears and could not even eat my dessert brownie. I wasn’t crying for any good reason and in fact, when I was in the middle of a sob I was able to think, “Why are you crying?!” and so that told me that the tears were just a release from the week and nothing more. Having kept a stiff upper lip all week I knew I was bound to shake sooner or later. And so it was sooner and then I popped two Tylenol PMs and didn’t wake up until we were nearly on the ground in Brazil.

So I’m home now and ready to sleep some more. I’m thinking about dinner and thinking about cleaning my apartment and thinking about watching episode after episode of The Office. I am also thinking about Hershey Kisses because the lovely Rachel, one of Dennis’ best friends in the world and a reader of this blog, made a little care package for me for the flight home and in it is a whole bag of Hershey Kisses that are calling to me in their little aluminum foil voices, “Gina!! Oh, sweet sleepy Gina! We can make you happy! We can make you VERY happy!” And so, in truth, I will probably have an orgy with them tonight on the couch. And who knows? Maybe I’ll throw in some popcorn for extra fun. In any case, it should be an interesting night in. 




3 responses

4 05 2008

Release of tears can be refreshing after such an emotional week. BUT chocolate heals. =)

4 05 2008

Oh boy, do I know it. I’ve just consumed half the bag and I’m feeling much better.

5 05 2008

You know it was serious when you couldn’t even finish your dessert brownie. Wow.

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