Tagline Winners Announced!

3 05 2008

Head over to my mom’s blog to check out the new tagline. I’m excited to say my mom chose not one, but two from all of your suggestions and she is feeling sad about not choosing all of them because she wanted everyone to get prizes. This sadness is unacceptable because Mama’s got a Brand New Blog and TWO taglines to go with it and frankly, there’s no crying in Blogging!! 

So here’s how I will ameliorate the situation, hopefully helping Mom feel better about things: if you left a tagline suggestion, even if my mom didn’t choose one from you, send your mailing address to ayearhere@gmail.com and I will send you something from Brazil. Translation: everyone wins! (But only two win something from Vermont.) I love sending presents from Brazil so this helps me feel good too.

Sound good? 

So send your address to me if you want and especially Marissa and Rosalicious, let me know your info so’s I can tell my Mama and she can pick out something nice from up in the Green Mountains.

Thanks to everyone who participated! It was really fun for my mom! She loved all of your ideas! 





4 responses

4 05 2008

Your mom is such a cutie and that tagline is perfect.

4 05 2008

I know! I know!
But I have to tell you, Susan, I was really pulling for “This Mama’s Drama.” I loved it!

4 05 2008


Your mother’s blog is great, it couldn’t have been better. It is her face not to mention it’s really cute. I liked it and think it’s totally her, good job helping her create a blog, it is really nice!

4 05 2008

Thanks! You should write to her and say hello! She loved your note, by the way, that you taped onto the poster!

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