5 05 2008

The day is over and I sit slumped over at my desk. Two tutoring sessions this afternoon, one completely unexpected, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be going home. I had forgotten how difficult it is to bounce back from being away from school for a week. So much to catch up on, so much extra grading. I don’t have time to go to yoga class today, so it’s a good thing I have free yoga podcasts on my computer (some even with video!) so I can breathe deeply at home tonight. I’ll need it.

Did you know about free yoga downloads? You can go here: or here and subscribe to their podcasts. They come out every week and it’s always fun to see what new flows they come up with. Dave Farmar’s classes are real recordings of actual classes, and I think the podcasts are for the more advanced because they don’t come with pose guides, and unless you’ve done the poses you might have a difficult time. I recommend both sites to those of you who want to do yoga for free on your own time. Seriously, when I get a chance to be a yoga teacher, I’m never going to charge for it. I think it should be something to be shared for free with everyone. What a great way to meet people, to share something peaceful, and to have a good time. It’s definitely something I look forward to doing in the city when I get there, and I also hope to do some serious volunteering. There’s so much good to look forward to at home.

By the way? Totally freezing here. It’s definitely Uggs weather and I cannot wait to wear them tomorrow. They were something I’d yearned for all last year when I realized winter is truly, undeniably cold here. The mornings when I crept out of my apartment in high heels or strappy sandals (my only footwear last year), my feet blue and purple from the cold, were days I thought almost exclusively of warm feet, and thus my Uggs, my on-sale, too-small, end-of-season-purchase from the winter before. This year I was fortunate enough to go home twice during the cold season and remembered, finally, to bring them back to Brazil with me on Saturday. I put them on first thing as soon as I crawled out of bed this morning, and walked around my slate-floored apartment in nothing but those boots and my bathrobe. Uggs may not be the most professional-looking boots, but they sure are warm, and today has reminded me how cold it can get. So tomorrow I look forward to clomping around this tropical campus in those boots, feeling perfectly (and I do mean *perfectly* cozy.)

(Last year, the weather was so unbearable I wore baked potatoes around my neck to keep warm. I hope to combat potato warming this year with appropriate footwear. Although, who knows. The spuds worked well. And doubled as a snack.

Ew, gross. I did NOT eat them afterwards.

And now I feel guilty for throwing away potatoes.

Fine, world, you win. If I use potatoes to stay warm this year I will eat them afterwards. Deal?)

(Note to self: buy some more scarves.)




3 responses

6 05 2008
Nilsa S.

I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for you. HUGE. But, today? I lost a little of it. Maybe even more than just a little (because yes, I’m that superficial). I hate Uggs. They are ugly and they remind me of people in California wearing them in 80 degree and sunny weather. They are not fashion. And even if it is cold. The idea that at some point in time, you walked into a store and willingly bought them? Ugg, I’m sorry. But, there’s no turning back now.

(Note: Though I really don’t like Uggs, this comment has more than an ounce of sarcasm to it!)

6 05 2008

Hey hey hey! Be NICE!! I was so taken back by that sharpness to your words I almost needed to smack myself in the face WITH my Ugg to bring me back to Earth!
Just kidding.
But I know what you mean. They are HIDEOUS shoes. Absolutely horrendous. I wore them today (and actually, I brought them to school and put them on there) simply because it was REALLY REALLY cold. It’s really hard to make the transition between flip-flop weather and freezing cold. So I find Uggs are a nice way to make sure I don’t have to wear socks because there’s nothing more I hate than socks in shoes. It’s a mild form of torture.
But don’t worry, Nilsa, if ever we meet in person, I’ll make sure to have some proper shoes on.
And I guess I’ll just have to send back the matching pairs I bought for you and Sweets as a wedding presents.

6 05 2008

I love me some cozy Uggs

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