Pumpkin, anyone?

6 05 2008

So I’m sure by now your eyes have been smacked by the gigantic pumpkin to the right. Great, no? Cutest thing ever, no? Nate did an amazing job and I’m so excited to have this bright shiny link to my mom’s site.

If you’ve got a blog and would like this cute little pumpkin on your site, hit me up and I’ll pass the code onto you. It’d be great to have a little pumpkin love spread over the Internet.




12 responses

6 05 2008

Thank you so very much, Nate – you are another one of those “THE BEST” people who are making this a better trip for me….

6 05 2008

I know I’ve already given so much credit to my beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, fabulous, loving, funny (need I say more?) – what was that, Gina? Did I hear a resounding YES flying up on the winds from Brazil? – OK, OK……. talented, sophisticated (unless she’s in her Uggs , bathrobe, with baked potatoes around her neck), caring, generous (except with food…), etc., etc., etc…. I’m really gonna be in trouble unless I put on the brakes here! What I had started out to say was that I want to thank her even more for everything she’s already done for me on this trip of ours – I can’t imagine having a better Chief of Support! And also in this comment, I must give total credit to my sister for the terrific name she came up with here : THE PUMPKIN PORTAL – waaaay cool!!

6 05 2008
Nilsa S.

Very cute pumpkin. Awesome how much work you’re putting into your mom’s blog. Seriously. Awesome. Makes up for the fact you wear Uggs. And then some. 🙂

6 05 2008
Baroness von Bloggenschtern

Please send me the (not so) secret pumpkin code – I’d love to be able to direct people over your mom’s way!

6 05 2008

I’d love to have the pumpkin! I hope I can figure out how to add it to my sidebar, though.
: )

6 05 2008

Oh, I want a pumpkin too! But I have absolutely no idea how to put it up there, so you’ll have to tell me that also…

– Sofy

6 05 2008

SO cool that this pumpkin’s getting passed around! Ooh! SO exciting!!
I’ve e-mailed those of you who asked for it, along with directions for WordPress users.

Unfortunately, Mom, you can’t have this one because it’ll just link, um, to you. However, if you want one anyway, I’ll be happy to put it up there for you. I can call it Pumpkin Central.

6 05 2008

Hee Hee… Pumpkin Central for ME !!!!

6 05 2008
Mental P Mama

Please send it to me! I want to be on Tina’s team. I love your spirit.

6 05 2008

Wooo I want one to..I love pumpkins!

7 05 2008

Gina. where is the huge pumpkin to the right of the page that you’re speaking of? Love the ease at which I can blog Vermont, and then wiz down to Brazil…wow..great that you set this up….love you

11 06 2008

I’d like a pumpkin, too, please! I also need instructions for adding it, because I. am. an. idiot.

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