Karaoke calls.

9 05 2008

I’m off for a few hours of mildly horrifically embarrassing karaoke. It’s my friend’s birthday and she planned a karaoke party as some kind of “fun.” Party = fun. Karaoke = torture.


HOWEVER, I will say that two nights ago I did warm up the old vocal chords, just in case I am tempted to prove my friends wrong who say I have no balls. The last time I did karaoke (rather, the last time I can soberly remember) was when I was fifteen and on a cruise with my friend’s family in the Caribbean. I sang “Hello, Dolly” in front of a ton of Italians in their mid-thirties and rocked the house so poorly it took ten years and a lot of beer to get me comfortable to do it one more time. That time my buddy Jay (the one who came down here to visit a few weeks ago) got me properly plastered with his sailor friends up in Massachusetts after a schooner race and I think together we sang “Brown Eyed Girl.” The song was better than my previous attempt, though the voice I’m not so sure.

But I’ll report back, and if you’re lucky (and I’m crazy) I’ll even have a few pictures. 





4 responses

9 05 2008

This will be worth the wait….. Just trust me on this one, folks…..

10 05 2008

But I thought you’d had several starring roles in musicals???

10 05 2008

You have the best singing voice ever! I remember, cause you sang at our wedding!

11 05 2008

And Laurie, I have no idea how I managed to get up there and do it, other than you asked me to and I felt honored.
But there’s no honor in karaoke. It’s all about balls.

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