Tudo de bom.

11 05 2008

Tudo de bom is a phrase here that means something like, “It’s all good.” And today, it is. 

I woke up early and walked to the hippie fair to purchase goodies for the winners of my mom’s blog contest. (And let me tell you, you are some lucky, lucky people. I found some beautiful things!!!) I had myself a little breakfast in the cafe near the hippie fair, graded some papers, and then walked home. On my way I fed the cats and later saw some friends. Today is Mother’s Day, of course, and my own mother is out galavanting with her friends at a Mother’s Day breakfast. I sent her a beautiful orchid for this holiday and apparently it’s sitting pretty in our living room.


The other night was a karaoke birthday party and it was surprisingly fantastic. I dreaded going but was surprised by how seriously the singers were about performing karaoke, and so I decided to give it a go. With my friend. We chose “Wild World” by Cat Stevens and after three or four seconds up there, realized it was much too low for us, and so we giggled our way through the rest of the song. I had the thought to go up and try it again, but was much happier dancing and singing along with the other songs I knew rather than taking the stage. I do have pictures of me singing, but here’s the problem: When you sing “Wild World,” even those two words, your mouth is open in weird shapes. Here’s the chorus: “Oooooh, baaaby, baby, it’s a wiiiiiillld wooooorrrrrrrrld/ it’s hard to get byyyyyy just upon a smiiiiiiiiiille/ Oooooh, baaaaby, baby it’s a wiiiiiillld wooooorrrrld / and I’ll always remember youuuu like a chiiiiiillllld, girl.”  So imagine the shutter snapping closed just at those times when my mouth was wide open belting out some of those vowels. It was not pretty, neither the sound nor the photos, so if I can gather the strength and willingness to laugh at myself, I’ll post them up for your laughing pleasure. But the party was fabulous, the company full of joy, and in general, this weekend has been one of the best in a very long time.

Tudo de bom for sure.





4 responses

12 05 2008

I am so excited for my Brazilian prize! I wanted to go to the hippie fair in Ipanema when I was there and never got to!

And I pretty much will always sing karaoke. Much to Kevin’s dismay (and entertainment).

12 05 2008

Yay karaokey is really fun ^_^

12 05 2008
Nilsa S.

Sounds like a lovely weekend. What fun! And be glad I’m far, far away from all Brazilian karaoke machines. I might break every one of them!

12 05 2008

What a fun weekend!

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