In 5 Weeks.

17 05 2008

In my kitchen, I have a calendar hung on my refrigerator. It’s hung on the side that faces the sink and the washing machine room, so it’s only on rare occasions that I actually see the poster since the number of times I am at the sink or in the washing machine room is embarrassingly low. In any case, tonight I did make a journey over to that part of my abode and on my return to the orange couch my eyes caught the grids of the calendar’s page open to this month. I began by counting how many work days I have left this month ( 8 ) and then flipped the page to June. My eyes scanned the empty boxes until they rested on Saturday, June 21, the day I leave. Today is a Saturday and it is 10:56pm. That means that at this moment exactly, in five weeks exactly, I will be on a plane headed home. Five weeks is thirty-five days, if I’m doing the math correctly (and it’s entirely possible I’m not, so go ahead and check that, please) and so that means I am in an all-too-sudden-seeming countdown. 

I wondered who I was at only five weeks into this experience and so I went back and read the things I’d written in August 2006, just after I’d arrived. This is the first piece I saw and hadn’t forgotten that it happened at all.  Every time I wait for the bus, even a year and a half later, I’m reminded of how embarrassing it was to jump into the side of the bus and before I step up into the bus I tell myself to take it slow.

It was also around that time that I wrote this, which has become the most read post on this blog. I remember crafting it in my head the day I first heard that word “gostosa,” while sitting in my friend’s living room after a Sunday brunch with another seven or eight people, the same seven or eight people I have grown to wrap my days around here. 

And so it is with fondness and a little bewilderment that I realize I am really in the home stretch. I am thankful tomorrow is Sunday and it will be a slow day and relaxing. I may go out with friends or I may stay in and correct more papers. But whatever I do, I’ll have to make the most of it because five weeks from tomorrow I will be back in the States, landing at JFK, hearing the words “Welcome Home” from the immigration officer, then running into Dennis’ arms where I will stay forever.




3 responses

17 05 2008

All I could think after reading this is that June 21st is considered the longest day of the year. You will never forget that date.

18 05 2008

Is it summer solstice on June 21st this year? How wonderful! That means it’s the shortest day down here.

18 05 2008
Nilsa S.

I think it’s so great you’ve been blogging for your entire Brazilian experience. What a great way to walk down memory lane when you’re back stateside in FIVE WEEKS!!!! Woo hoo!

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