I may have been gone too long.

20 05 2008

True story:

My friend Rachel left me a note on Facebook today about yoga. She said, and I quote, “I need a yoga mat reco–something light and portable.” 


Friends, I cannot tell you how this word puzzled me. No, “puzzled” is not the word. “Frustrated the shit out me” might be more accurate. Reco? What is a “reco,” I wondered. Was it some new yoga mat accessory that’s come out in the past two years? Was it a new name for the blocks we use during class? Was it, perhaps, some kind of clip to hold the mat down or a blanket to put under the mat? Seriously, I was all over the place and I’ll tell you I felt stupid and inadequate in ways I haven’t felt in years, perhaps ever. 

I even Googled it. A “Yoga mat reco” delivered someone’s Twitter page that never fully loaded so I never got to read past, “Anyone have a yoga mat reco?” And that didn’t answer my question because that kind of was my question. If anyone had a yoga mat reco, I wanted to see it.

I then Googled a different phrase: “mat reco” because maybe a “reco” was a thing not confined to yoga. Maybe it was a type of platform used to practice any kind of physical activity on, and if my friend needed her “reco” to be “portable and light” then maybe I’d be able to find one of them at a sporting goods store, which is where Google led me. But alas, no recos there. I was pissed. All I wanted was a picture and then maybe I could help my friend.

Google also led me to a site where I learned:

NOBASIL MAT RECO is the rolled product from mineral wool composed by artificial resin. The mat is sewed on. one-sidedly through RECO glass thread.

I thought I was onto something there, what with the fact that there was a description at all of what a reco might be. But alas, nothing that looked remotely related to yoga. 

One more rephrasing led me to search “yoga reco” and there I came upon a site entitled, “Yoga/Pilates reco’s for a beginner?” It was as if this page were made for me. If ever there were a beginner reco-ist, or reco-er, I was it. And so there I clicked and came upon the epiphany of all time:

“Reco” means “Recommendation.”

I had no idea. No clue whatsoever. Rachel, thank you for pushing me toward rediscovering my own language, to appreciating its dynamics, and for keeping me occupied for longer than I’d like to admit. (Also something I’m not crazy about admitting, but will do so nonetheless: it took a lot of guts not to title this piece, “What the hecko is a reco?”)

I have really been away too long. I think it’s time to come home. 




2 responses

21 05 2008

I get cfused all the time when ppl abbreviate wrds

21 05 2008

Haha…Gotta love how mostly Americans abbreviate everything in this new technology era. Not sure I like it.

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