Dust and rain.

29 05 2008

It is finally raining. It’s been so long since it rained that I can’t even remember the last time. Maybe some time in April, but I can’t remember. And it’s cold. So even though I have to stay here for an after school club, the only thing I can think of doing is going home, wrapping up in some heavy blankets, and sipping hot chocolate in front of a movie. Sounds divine, no? Yes.

We are needing the rain here, though. It’s been so dry and the fields have been burning and the scent of smoke in the air and the piling up of ash on the horizontal surfaces in my apartment have become too much to handle. It’s so sad to live among so much dust and no matter what I do to combat it (which is truthfully not so much) it just keeps coming and layering and collecting. I’m glad for this rain, however chilling it feels now. It’s good for the air.




2 responses

29 05 2008

Wow. And we can’t remember the last time we’ve had a week when it hasn’t rained. I’ll remember your area the next time I’m tempted to complain about the rain.

I LOVE wrapping up and watching movies when it’s raining.

30 05 2008

Jennie’s right it has rained here so much. Now its warm and humid so the thought of snuggling up under a blanket with hot chocolate plus a good movie makes me feel all good inside. I miss the chilly rain.
Wooo..speaking of movies the premiere of Sex and the City is here tonight. Yay!

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