1 06 2008

Not so sure what's going on up there.

All done up.

More pictures on Flickr, but not many considering they’re of students and other teachers so I can’t put them up here.
Prom was fun, though. It was short and most of the people there were parents and other family members. The graduating class is only 20 or so students, and in a room that held 150 people, the majority of the people were families. The kids were so beautiful, though. All the girls had their hair done and their dresses were unique and absolutely stunning. Had I put junior year self, and even my senior year self, among them I would have stuck out like a very short and sore thumb. The boys all wore tuxedos and the parents were just as fancy as their children. The junior class stood to say farewell to each of the seniors, saying a quick speech to each graduate in front of the audience. I sat at a table with other teachers and watched the parents as they watched their children. One mother sat with the rest of her family and became teary-eyed every time her daughter came near. Other parents walked around to our table and glowed with pride with every “Congratulations” offered them. It seemed like a really special night for the students and their parents and I’m glad I was able to go.

The only thing that wasn’t fabulous? The food. I should have known nearly everything would have meat in it. So my dinner was (and actually it wasn’t so bad, but I was just really, really hungry) a plate of white rice and peas. There was a pasta dish with peas and tomato and a thick creamy sauce that looked so good but it had presunto in it and so I had to pass. Even the salad had carpaccio on it. But that’s par for the course here. Not many vegetarians in Brazil, land of meat. It would have been smart for me to eat a meal beforehand. HOWEVER, the dessert was a chocolate mousse torta, and so that made up for nearly everything that has gone wrong in the past three months.

So that’s it, folks. Prom 2008 has drawn to a close and I will spend the majority of today trying to wash the hairspray out of my hair and scrubbing eyeliner from my lids.




5 responses

1 06 2008

You look great, Ms. C 🙂 . Did you choose that hairstyle that Alvy and I thought would look old? That bun thing? ‘Cause if you did, it really turned out a lot better than I thought it would. And I love your dress.
Did you listen to the speech for my brother? Was it good? I think he was worried about it. I wish I could’ve gone 😦 . Are you going to the other stuff too? Like Senior Dinner and the whole diploma handing-out deal?

Wow, that was a lot of questions.

– Sofy

1 06 2008

Oh, and also, you sort of look naked in (or ‘on?’ I think it’s ‘in,’ though. It’s ‘in,’ right?) the second picture. Are you wearing a towel or something?

– Sofy

1 06 2008

I know, I know, the second picture is not well taken. I was definitely not naked, the photo just didn’t show the dress since it was strapless. You can look at the whole dress in the other Flickr photos. And as far as the hair is concerned, it was kind of a bun thing, but it was more like three gigantic curls that were pinned up like a bun in the back.
And I did hear your brother’s speech, and it was very good. The kids said very nice things about him.

1 06 2008

The red dress looked stunning. Glad you enjoyed your return to prom.

4 06 2008

I saw the pictures on your Flickr account…You look great.

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