Two things.

1 06 2008

It is really cold today. I love it. It’s sunny and cold, which makes the cold even better, and the sky is bright blue and it feels like winter. I always feel really energized in the cold, although today I am wrapped up in my sleeping bag on my couch correcting poetry quizzes and realizing that today, June 1, I am a mere 20 days from going home. Which makes this cold even sweeter because when I go back it’ll be months and months before the cold comes and so I’m feeling particularly happy about this weather. It’ll be my first New York summer and from all I’ve heard about summers in the city it’ll be a sweaty one. Today is quiet and cold and beautiful and I am dismantling my apartment piece by piece and laundry load by laundry load all in the hopes that when the 21st rolls around I’ll be really ready to say a fond farewell.

The second thing is that things aren’t entirely quiet, because there’s been an engagement. Not mine, (because trust me, I would not spend a paragraph about cold weather before I announcing my own engagement), but my friend’s. It’s all very exciting and she and he came running over to my apartment this morning to share the good news.  Ah, love. 




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