Comment Karma Day 2: Cat on a Terra Cotta Roof.

3 06 2008

Are there any animal behaviorists out there? Ones who might have insights into a street cat’s motives? Because I need some answers.

For a week straight (over a week by now) my favorite street cat has been up on a roof. Her kittens and other cats roam around below while she stays on the roof. It’s over a garage that is attached to a two story house, so the garage roof is a great deal lower than the house’s roof. I see her every afternoon, around sunset or just past, and she sits on the ridgepole  meowing out for the whole neighborhood to hear. When she sees me her meows become louder, and although she walks down close to the edge of the roof, as if she wants to jump down from it onto a high wall that abuts it, she doesn’t. She rubs the edges of the terra cotta tiles with her whiskers, as if to mark them, and then walks back up to sit along the ridgepole, or over onto the other side, constantly meowing. 

At first I was nervous that she was stuck up there. But now? Her babies are all wandering around down below, gathering up the food that passersby feed them, and she’s up there meowing away and not coming down. I don’t know what would make her be staying up there. Do you have any ideas? A cat’s gotta eat and this is the cat who used to follow me everywhere for a handout. Now she’s up on a roof, has been up there for a week, and seems perfectly happy but isn’t bothering to come down for food.

What do you think is going on?



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8 responses

4 06 2008

It sounds like she really is stuck!

4 06 2008

See, that’s what I was thinking but then she seems perfectly happy up there. And it’s not like she’s getting any skinnier or something….

4 06 2008

its probably just ghosts. when animals act strange, i blame ghosts and apparitions that only they can detect. but dont discount the possibility that there is an earthquake in your future. its either an earthquake or an otherwise harmless poltergeist.

4 06 2008

Yes. You’re right. It probably is a ghost. These streets are pretty creepy.

4 06 2008

Cats are so weird. She could be seeing her own shadow and thinks its another cat or something.

11 06 2008

She’s probably looking to get away from her kittens. Take it from a mom…sometimes you just need some ‘me’ time.

11 06 2008

OMG, that was hilarious!

24 09 2008



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