Comment Karma Day 4: The Lasts.

5 06 2008

Today was the last Shakespeare club meeting. My kids all brought in snacks to share and we sat around and talked together for an hour and a half. Listen to what we had to eat: quiche, sandwiches, homemade corn bread, homemade apple cinnamon bread, chips, chocolate brownie things, brigadeiro, sweet bread that was never opened because we had too many other good things to eat, and an assortment of drinks. Had we been having feasts for the whole year like we did today, a lot more people would have been reading Shakespeare, I’ll tell you that for sure. 

Today was also the annual awards ceremony. I presented two awards: the Best Middle School English Student award, and the high school Creative Writing Award. The first one went to one of my 7th graders and a student who comments frequently on this blog under the name Luana Spider. The Creative Writing award also went to a reader of this blog by the name Sofy. It was really exciting for me to give these awards to these students because I’ve never presented any awards before. The awards ceremony is one of the last events of the school year where all the students come together. It was really nice for me to be sitting on the stage and looking out at all the faces I’ve come to know over two years. At the end, the high school guidance counselor rose to acknowledge the students who would be leaving the school at the end of the year and also asked the teachers who will be leaving to rise for a round of applause. While she was speaking, I felt tears gather behind my eyes, but then once she asked us to stand I got nervous and forgot to cry because everyone was staring. 

The last faculty meeting of the year was yesterday. We had good cake.

Tomorrow is the second to last Friday that I’ll be in school. Next Friday is the last, and it’s also Friday the 13th. 

Lasts make me sad. It’s hard to believe I’ll be leaving here in just sixteen days. 



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6 responses

5 06 2008


It is more than hard to believe your leaving in 16 days!!! I don´t want our best teacher to leave. Talking about best teacher I think they should give you an award “The BEST Teacher Of The… Of All Time!!!” seriously, they should.
Anyway, I still think your getting more things from your students like food or presents and definitely letters.Of Course!!=)

5 06 2008

All I ever asked of my students is that they gave me their best…and find out where in Brazil I could get my hands on Hershey Kisses. So letters would be more than I could ask for!

5 06 2008

Oh, they should totally make a “The BEST Teacher of The…Of All Time!!!” award! You would get it for sure. But then again there are other good teachers…And they’d get jealous. You deserve it, though!

And lasts are awful. I didn’t stand up either when she asked the leaving students to stand, first because Pam threw her legs over me and held me down and second because I’m taking your advice and not accepting it until it actually happens (which it won’t. hopefully).

But think of it this way (and I can’t believe I’m saying this, because you SO shouldn’t be leaving, but since it’s happening I better deal with it and try to help): Yes, there are all these sad moments now, because you’re leaving a whole country behind, a country that you loved. Of course things and people and moments that have become customary to you will be missed, but when you get to New York you’ll have this whole bunch of Firsts to make up for these Lasts. Your first time meeting your great new students, your first faculty meeting at the new school, your first Friday. So, as much as it pains me to admit this, I know that you’re gonna be so happy in New York with all the exciting first experiences. Because in these two years I’ve spent getting to know you I’ve gathered that you’re a traveler and you enjoy new things and adventures. And I’m sure that this next one will be big.

– Sofy

5 06 2008

Readers, do you see why Sofy won the Creative Writing award?
Such wisdom in those words, young miss.

6 06 2008

Last moments are so hard. BUT new first can be really wonderful. What a way to go out though…treats, applause, awards. Good times.

7 08 2008
Milwaukee Web Design

good times!

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