Comment Karma Day 6: Go Figure.

7 06 2008

At first I thought it was just a rumor or a joke my students were playing on me because I loved Starbucks so much. But as time passed, more and more students began to tell me how Starbucks is on its way to Campinas. And then there was talk of the date it would appear. And then I saw for myself:

Starbucks is opening. IN MY CITY.

Gone are the days of trekking to Sao Paulo for a Grande White Mocha. Gone are the bus tickets and the metro and the taxis and figuring out which direction we are facing when we come out of the subway onto Avenida Paulista. It seems that Starbucks Nation has gotten the point: if Dina and Bete won’t come to the lattes in Sao Paulo, they’ll bring the lattes to Dina and Bete in Campinas.

But go figure. Because I’m out of here in fourteen days. That’s right, in exactly two weeks from this moment in which I find myself slothed out on the orange couch for the bazillionth time, I will be closing the door on an empty apartment and on these two years for the last time. To think of that moment now brings tears to my eyes. 

What also brings tears to my eyes is the fact that Starbucks is going to open here and it just might not be in time. But also, that’s another “go figure” moment, and one that’s very Brazilian. Because here I’ve just spent two years making 8-hour coffee runs to Sao Paulo and thought nothing of it. In fact I knew that’s the way it had to be if I wanted Starbucks. It’s just the way things were. Not easy and, actually, a tremendous hassle. But I was used to it. And so it would seem like things are too easy if Starbucks were here in my city. It would be too available, too convenient. Not Brazilian enough. I guess the hassle made it more Brazilian. At the very least, it made for a good Brazilian adventure.

I guess even if I miss the grand opening of Starbucks here in Shopping Iguatemi I won’t be missing much. I have fond memories of the treks to SP with friends, which I wouldn’t have if I could just get a ride to the place right after school. Those times made for some good stories, and that’s what matters. 




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8 06 2008

Ahhh, but the beautiful thing about Starbucks opening there after you leave? It’s kind of like you’re leaving a little bit of yourself behind for your students. Each time they see Starbucks, they will most certainly think fond thoughts of their slightly coffee-crazed teacher.

8 06 2008

I’ve never thought of it the same way that wise Nilsa has! But that’s also kind of sad, since you (Baby C) won’t be here to visit it with us! This is pretty sad… Starbucks will never be the same for me. *sniff* *sniff*

8 06 2008

Just think of it like this: the Grande White Mocha (my drink of choice) shall henceforth be called a Grande Baby C. So whenever you’re feeling low, you can go to Starbucks, order a Grande Baby C and it’ll be like we’re in a cafe together talking about fun things.

It is also the only time the word “grande” would ever be used next to my name. (Or, rather, nickname.)

8 06 2008

Starbucks is an adventure there and here its so common we forget how special their coffee truly is…

8 06 2008

I’m not a huge Starbucks fan, but there are Starbucks all over Seoul. Although Starbucks are easy to find, I definitely relate to things being difficult and challenging. Trying to book any kind of accommodation, or flights, ordering a new computer, even “talking” to our landlords is a hassle here… but it kind of makes it a part of the adventure!

11 06 2008

The Starbucks near me closed after Christmas last year. The note on the door said they’d be back in their new location across the street in the Spring. It’s still not open. I’d heard they’d backed out, contamination of some sort, sadness. Then I was in another store a little further away and there was a ‘hiring’ sign for the original store, happiness! It, too, is supposed to open in June. This morning when I drove by there was a huge semi parked out front. Furniture, maybe? Oh, the excitement!

Maybe you’ll be able to stop for your Grande White Mocha on the way to the airport on your last day, their opening day!

11 06 2008

I can only hope. Sincerely hope. I think it would be really nice if they magically opened within 10 days.

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