“The Office” is really more my speed today.

8 06 2008

One of the things I’m really going to miss is Cinema Jaragua. It’s the local artsy-type movie theater nearby and when I want to go see a film, I can buy a ticket, get a small popcorn and a soda for R$10,50. That’s roughly six or seven dollars. I have to pay for a cab both ways unless I am going with someone who has a car, but I don’t know many people who do. But even so, I won’t end up spending more than $13 on the entire affair. 

Today I saw Savage Grace, the film about Barbara Daly Baekeland who was murdered by her son Antony. Yo. Have you seen this movie? Have you ever heard of these people, the Baekelands? Because I was absolutely, completely, 100% unprepared to see what I saw and I sat there for a good three minutes after it ended with a look of horror on my face. Well, I couldn’t see my face, but I felt it obviously contort in the final fifteen minutes of the movie and it took a while for it to get back to normal. This is not a film for the easily-disturbed. 

And so now, I’m watching some episodes of “The Office” to offset the shock I was in earlier. I’ve seen these episodes before but they’re a whole lot more enjoyable than that film. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find murder, incest, and co-dependency pleasant thoughts on a Sunday afternoon. Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute are just the remedy. 




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9 06 2008

Schrute is often the remedy for many things.

9 06 2008

I’ve never heard of the movie! And with a big name like Julianne Moore, you’d think there would’ve been more advertising about it here. Maybe it’s just too gruesome for those of us stateside?

9 06 2008

William–you’re so right.
The movie is good, definitely worth seeing, but you have to be prepared for what it’s about. I had no idea what the story was AND the fact that it was a TRUE story, so once I knew that I was even more creeped out.

11 06 2008
Aunt Sarah (Tina's Sister)

Hi Gi-
One night’s stay at the Schrute Family’s B & B Beet Farm should fix you right up.
Reruns of years past now on the telly stateside. Heart USA.
At. Sarah

11 06 2008

Heart, Lungs, Ear-Nose-and-Throat USA. You have no idea. I can’t wait to come home.

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