Winners of Comment Karma!

8 06 2008

There are three of you because yesterday at the hippie fair I bought three sets of goodies, mostly because there can never be just one winner of anything.

So here they are:


(Send me your mailing address!)

Thanks to all of you who participated, and regardless of the fact that some of you told me NOT to put your names into the game, I did anyway because that’s the right thing to do. 

And also, pass it on! It’s a fun and a good way to share something from your corner of the world. 




7 responses

8 06 2008

You are so getting an Arkansas care package once you get settled back here in the US of A. I’m so excited to see the package!

8 06 2008


11 06 2008

That’s so exciting! Thanks!
And here I’ve been catching up on your old posts. Commenting once or twice, here and there!

11 06 2008
Banana Nanika

Congrats to the winners! Yay!
And the Office rawks…how do you manage to get it here in BR? do tell!

11 06 2008

Oh Banana, when I was home in the States in February, I went out and bought Season 3 because another teacher here has Season 1 & 2. And so now I just basically watch my DVDs over and over. Did you know you can buy Season 4 episodes from BUT ONLY if you are IN the States?!

11 06 2008

And ladybug, I LOVE finding the comments you have left throughout the blog! How do you choose what to read?

12 06 2008
Banana Nanika

Ah! So sad…I wish there were as many Office fans as there are Lost fanatics… Y’know, the ones who spend hours putting episodes for download on the internet. I’d be all up on the digital Schrute in a sec! Alas…Sigh…I’ll have to do what you did this summer and stock up while home.

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