Plans Change.

21 06 2008

I should have known it wasn’t going to be easy, that this last day would not be the blissful day of silent reflection I’d had planned, and to tell you the truth the quote that keeps running through my mind is, “You make plans, and God laughs.” Because oh, if you were only in my shoes today, you’d be thinking the same thing.

Did you realize that there was some kind of huge miscommunication and MY TICKET HOME had not been purchased? Did you realize that I thought maybe I’d go ahead and confirm MY TICKET HOME today with the travel agent around noon and, when the silence on the other end of the phone became unbearable, the panic came up from my stomach, wrapped its fiery self around my neck and nearly strangled me until my eyes bulged to the size of avocados? The past days have been so full of overcoming stresses, finalizing endless details, signing my name to any number of official documents only to find out that I will need these documents in order to get some other document which is unavailable until the Friday after Halloween. I am drained. Absolutely drained. The driver will be here in two hours and I have no idea what to do with myself between now and then. I kind of want to nap, I kind of want to stay awake, but I definitely want to make sure I am on that plane. I imagine sitting down and passing out. I think my seat is even all the way at the back and it might even be in the middle of the middle. But all that is fine with me because as long as I’m on it, that’s all that matters. 

How I wanted this day to be different. But that’s the way these things work. 


On the home front, things are a little more up in the air. As we know, my mom’s hospitalization began this week, but things have taken a turn for the different. Rather than the Interluken-2 treatment we had been hoping for, it looks as if she’s going to be getting a round of chemotherapy, something we weren’t wanting at all. In a couple of hours from now, she’ll be receiving this treatment and it won’t be an easy time for her. Please make sure you are thinking good things today for her, and if you believe in any higher power, make it so that that higher power places its hands upon my mom and gives her peace through the hard times. 


Talking to her is so wonderful. It’s so nice to hear her voice, and to feel genuinely happy to talk with her. She sounds tired and weak, though she sounds much better now than she did a week or so ago, and we are all so happy that she is in the best loving hands of the doctors and nurses at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. She feels safe there, I feel better knowing she is there, and I can’t wait to see her again. There’s a lot to come home to.

So again, please, find one moment today and send your thoughts up to my mom. Or find many moments. 





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21 06 2008
lynne cheslin

safe flight home my friend. Many,many wonderful and positive thoughts are flowing up to Mom….I’ve had strangers in the post office,close their eyes with me and send “pumpkin” vibes….if huge groups of caring people account for anything(and you know it does,)then Mom has the added advantage of lots of added strength at this difficult time. I look forward to hearing your voice once youre settled in Vermont and many kisses and hugs to you.You’re bringing the best medicine home to her……you…..x0

21 06 2008

We continue to keep your Mom in our thoughts Gina.

21 06 2008

Fly safe! I had the opposite problem when I tried to stay in a foreign country – I couldn’t cancel my flight (or push it back), so I went home for a week and came back. Silliness.

I’m thinking of your mom and sending warm thoughts! Just knowing you’re at home will make her feel better. 🙂

21 06 2008

Ms.c i hope your mom gets better and good luck over there and i hope we can meet there in new york

21 06 2008

Dear Ms.Coggio, I hope your mom gets better and that you also have a safe trip home.
I also wanted to tell that the date of starbucks opening in Campinas has already a date – the 29th I think. Guess what? You have to buy tickets to go there on the opening night and all the money that you pay goes to charity, isnt like the best? Well I just wanted to comment on how unlucky you were about all that starbucks aspect and to tell you that know we do have starbucks in Campinas. hahah – just kidding

22 06 2008
judy winder - kapp

Gina – your mom WILL make it. The first dose of chemo – no the minute they put the needle in – is the worst. But then you realize that, awful as it can be, this is going to be the thing that helps. It’s so convoluted and makes no sense unless you’ve been there. It helps make the c in cancer the small one. If you learn nothing else, it’s that, because it helps you deal with it daily. Your mom’s already done that.

Yes there are side effects; yes there are days afterwards when it’s better to sit or lie quietly than to do anything else. But in the end, you realize that the people helping you through it are the most committed people on earth. Families pull together like they never have and friends whom you haven’t heard from in ages materialize to help you through this rough time. That’s what does the healing.

Best of all, though, you will be there for your mom. If my girls hadn’t been there for me, I’m not certain what I would have done. Their concern, but also their senses of humor, were what got me through. The prayers will help, but your being there will be the greatest healer.

Thoughts, prayers, pumpkins, whatever it takes, are with you.

Love to you and your mom, Kapp

22 06 2008

I agree. YOU, Gina, are the best medicine for your mom. I know she’ll be so happy when you are there. And I can’t believe it about the plane ticket – I would have had eyes the size of avocados, too. Glad it all worked out in the end and you were able to secure a seat.

22 06 2008
Eva Trawczynski

Gina, when I was home in May my Mom and I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with Tina. We walked around the river behind your house and took some great pictures. You both have been on my mind a lot since the news began, and I just want you to know I am sending out all my very strongest prayers of love and health!!!

22 06 2008

I would have freaked out about the plane ticket! So glad you made it home safely and on that plane! You will help your mom so much just being a couple of hours from her instead of an entire country away. Your good medicine for her soul and her spirits. We are all lifting her up!

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