Keep On the Sunny Side.

24 06 2008

Never have I settled into a place as quickly as I have these past two days. Already I have: 

  • a new phone (a BlackBerry. I’m in it for the long haul. It’s a serious phone) and new phone number (917!)
  • had nachos and sangria with friends (with real salsa! and real sour cream!)
  • gone shopping for summer clothes (at Marshalls where I will return them all because they’re awful)
  • SIGNED A LEASE ON A NEW APARTMENT (in Sunnyside! Home!!)
  • gotten an oil change for Dennis’ car
  • visited my new school
  • gone to Starbucks twice


Looking at that list doesn’t seem very impressive, but trust me, doing any one of those things in Brazil would have taken an entire day on its own, so I’ve packed quite the adventure into my first days home. 

And speaking of home? Home. Sunnyside. With a view of Manhattan and any number of restaurants nearby: Romanian, Italian, Irish, Turkish, Asian Fusion, Japanese, seafood, McDonald’s. All within two blocks. Starbucks is a bit farther, but I’m not complaining. Our home is freshly painted, nice and clean, and very well cared for. We’re in the process of getting rid of the furniture left behind and starting with a clean slate and a design that’s all ours. Top three things on the list of purchases: a couch, a bed, a dining room table. 

Tomorrow we go to Vermont to visit my mom. I think she comes home from the hospital tomorrow. It’s been a good couple of days for her, tiring, but good nonetheless. So maybe she’ll feel even better once she’s at home in her own space. 

I guess that’s how my summer will go: visiting home when I can, and creating a home however I can. I’ll either be in Vermont or Sunnyside, two very good places to be. 





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24 06 2008

Are you near the train yards? When I lived in NYC, Queens was the only place I would ever live. I loved it.

(I’m a long time lurker BTW. Glad to hear you are settling in. And I’m sending good thoughts for your mom)

24 06 2008
Rachel L

Yay! Happy to hear that you’re setting in and loving every minute of it. Thinking of your mom, as always.

24 06 2008

Hey Gina 🙂
I was hoping that you would stop by before leaving.
Good luck over there.

24 06 2008

Home! ahhhh! Glad you’re getting comfortable. It’s good to hear your mother is doing well. Have fun in Vermont.

Oh, and Marshall’s? ick. I’ve never found anything worthwhile there. Unless you count a package of undershirts for Scout.

24 06 2008

Wooo a little bit jealous of your Manhattan view. I have a dear friend who lives in NYC and she has that same view…she sends me lovely pictures for torture purposes only. We have one tall building in all of Little Rock and its probably only 30 stories high. Haha.
I’m excited to hear about you and Dennis decorating your new freshy fresh place. All this newness is fun!
Glad your mom is coming home and hopefully will feel better being there.

24 06 2008
Isabella T

Hey Ms.C!! I’m SO happy you’re settling in and you’re not having a tough time. I hope you come visit Brazil again sometime. But between you and me…come on New York can beat Brazil any day!! but still, Brazil has awesome beaches, so you’ll have to come back sometime, right? Anyhow, please send me some e-mails and let me know how you’re doing….and also, let me know if your students are happy and crazy as we are, or are we still the champions?! hahahahahhaha Ms. C i’m gonna miss you so much….wait, no, scratch that completely…. I DO MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!
I love you Ms. C
a HUGE kiss and and even bigger hug
good luck with everything!

24 06 2008

I am very glad to hear you are home ~ I like this post, the “little things” that are great (nachos!) and your great attitude in creating a home however you can. Have a great Summer! Cheers, from Oakland, CA.

24 06 2008
lynne cheslin

cherish this time in your “crazy,hectic” life…’s so full of “alive” feelings and positive events. Safe trip up to the Green Mountains and give a HUGE hug to Mom and Frank. Nice faces to see at the other end of the trip! Love you!!

25 06 2008

Glad you are Home. even if it is a new one.

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