Blog absence.

27 06 2008

Sorry I’ve been less than attentive lately. I’ve been busy on my mom’s blog helping her document what’s going on with her medical messes. Although these past two days have hardly been messes. This woman is up and at ’em every minute, bossing me around like usual, and being her joyful self. It’s wonderful to see her turn around like this, although keeping an eye on my mom is very tiring. I wake up early to make sure she’s awake and then we sit and talk while she wakes up. I make breakfast for her, make her take her meds, make the bed for her, do laundry and chores around the house. It’s not an easy thing, but I have nothing else to do this summer so I’m glad to be doing something. In fact, toward the afternoon, when she’s feeling fine and watching TV or paying bills or whatever, I feel kind of useless. So today I took a long, long nap which I needed, and then went to Burlington with Dennis for some Ben & Jerry’s and some Burmese noodles. We went to Church Street and I looked only half-heartedly for some pants, and then we settled down at a little table at a restaurant called Pacific Rim. This restaurant is GREAT and serves perfect sized portions of Asian noodles for only $6.00! I love America!

I’ll do my best to write something of substance later this weekend. I am an idiot and forgot my computer charger in NY, so Dennis will send it to me when  he goes back to the city on Sunday. Then it’ll be a long distance thing again with us. But VT-NY is much more tolerable than Brazil-NY. I think I can hack it.




3 responses

28 06 2008

Yay, at least you’re back in the USA now. Hows it feel??

28 06 2008

Oh you just have no idea. Ilove home like I’ve never loved anything before in my life.

29 06 2008

I have heard that Pacific Rim is fantastic. Glad you are loving being home.

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