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21 07 2008

The drive to Vermont seems to get shorter and shorter each time I do it. It took me exactly six hours and I didn’t need to call Dennis for help with directions a single time. I’m home again in the Green Mountain State this time until near the end of the month. When August rolls around I’m hoping to be in the city full time to get into a kind of routine before school starts. 

My mom is looking great. I had a dream about her last night with white hair and with a more filled out face, and when I walked into the kitchen today after being on the road for so long, she was a sight for sore eyes, all dressed up in shorts and a t-shirt, and with her white hair falling into place nicely on her pink little head. She was vibrant and bossy, so I knew things were alright. We shared a dinner of flatbread pizza and salad with homemade cheese, and I wrote a quick blog post for her. I feel much better coming home this time. Last time I admit I was nervous about the state I’d find her in. But already, after only five minutes, I could tell this is going to be a much better trip home than last time. 

My colleagues from Brazil, who spent the summer up here in the States, are heading back already to begin the new school year. I don’t have to officially be at work until August 25th. It’s exciting to know I still have a month left of relaxation, but nerve-wracking nonetheless. I still have a lot of preparation to do, though my skillz at procrastination seem to be overwhelming me for the time being. I’ll have had TWO. FULL. MONTHS of break. Yikes. 

I am lonely already for Dennis’ company. Two days ago, he called to me from the other room while I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, “Do you realize HOW. MUCH. TIME we spend together when we’re together? EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.” I quickly stormed into the room, toothbrush in mouth and a nice toothpaste foam coating my face, and demanded to know why he was punctuating his sentences as such, as if implying he was indeed NOT thrilled with how often we were together. He grinned and saved face by saying over and again how much he LOVES. EVERY. MINUTE. I said “You better love it,” and kept on brushing my teeth. We are getting along just fine.

And in the world of coffee, I began my day with a gigantic latte from the coffee shop across the street, and spent the next four hours shaking it out of my system, my stomach churning it through my body enough to make me pull over and get a snack just to soak up whatever was left. I almost dry-heaved pure caffeine. Dennis’ mission this past week was to get me not to drink coffee, so go figure the first time I’m alone I overdose. He didn’t have any film work last week, so he had the time to spend denying me any chance to walk across the street alone where he knew I’d go to the cafe and imbibe, or coming up with fun activities that would distract me from my cravings, such as going to the beach. (Really, who wants to drink coffee on the beach?) I couldn’t really tell him that his attempts were all in vain because once a coffee addict, always a coffee addict. But I sure am glad he has a day job now because that shit was getting annoying. He means well, but I also think he was just bored and needed a project.

So his new (real) project is working on a Danny DeVito film. After one day (today) he really is loving it. Again, he’s scouting locations, and seems really intrigued by the setting of the film. He keeps asking me if I want to go on a scout with him, but I smile and politely decline because I know how it would end up: me in the passenger seat, 312 miles from New York, dying to do anything other than sit in the passenger seat while we both listen to the English lilt of the navigational unit tell us “In—3–hundred–feet, turn LEFT, turn LEFT” for six hours, and me dropping increasingly whiny hints about how nice it would be go to back home and sit in the air conditioning and not in traffic because I’m noticing we’re low on gas and no, I have no idea where we are and therefore can’t tell you where the nearest gas station is. Why don’t you ask someone? Just ask! I’ll ask. Jesus. No, because I get carsick when I read. Can we please go home now? Fine. Fine. FINE, I SAID!  It’s really sweet of him to ask me to tag along, but I’m not a very good assistant. Mostly this is because I am bossy and therefore don’t like being told what to do, unless it’s for my own good. In this case, it’d be for Danny DeVito’s good, and that doesn’t serve me very well, now does it? So it’s pretty much settled I won’t be accompanying Dennis on any scouts in the near future or ever, unless he’s scouting locations in our apartment and I can do the whole thing with a latte beer in hand.

Speaking of beer, have you had Modelo? It’s my new fav. I think it reminds me of light, summery Brazilian beer. 

Speaking of Brazil, I dreamed (dreamt?) TWICE in Portuguese. 

I guess that’s all for now. I have some fun times ahead of me this week, so I’ll be sure to keep you informed.




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22 07 2008

Homemade cheese?? Wow. That’s impressive.

22 07 2008

Yes, I do love Modelo in summer…does it remind you of Brahma? That’s all I drank in Brazil – my friend’s brother-in-law there is the CEO of InBev (they make Brahma and also just bought Budweiser).

And so happy your mama is lookin’ good! 😉

22 07 2008

I take comfort in knowing that caffeine and cocain are in the same pharmacutical family. Caffeine is ok for daily use, much cheaper and doesn’t blow your heart up. Cocain on the other hand, well we all know how bad that is for you. Knowing that little tidbit will make you look at coffee in a whole new light. Makes you feel a little bad ass doesn’t it?……..I thought so.

22 07 2008

I was going to say exactly what Jennie said…sometimes I think we read each others mind via blog or something.
ALso I am all about some procrastination and caffeine. Who lives without both in their lives? Weirdos.
Danny Devito..that’s pretty neat.

22 07 2008

The homemade cheese: Dennis’ grandfather makes INCREDIBLE farm cheese. It’s like feta, without the bite.

23 07 2008

Hello Tina, I sure am enjoying your own blog and your mom’s.
Someone sent a funny link to me and it really is worth passing on as it has some good laughs. Share it with your Mom and laugh together.
I do like decorating cakes and am always complaining that as much as I try, my cakes look like a drunk had a go. But after looking at this site, I just might be more talented than I had thought!
Cheers sweet PP!

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