It’s Otis.

2 08 2008

We decided on the subway last night that the cat’s name would be Otis. This comes from Otis Redding, of course, but shortened could refer to Odie the dog in Garfield, or Oats, a nice, wholesome name like the nice, wholesome cereal. Otis isn’t as musical as he is fat, so rather than calling him Otis Redding, I’ve taken to calling him Otis Pudding. He’s chubby and lovely and slept through the whole night with us without once waking us up until—get this—11am. 


He enjoys food, of course, and he also enjoys soccer. He’s a regular Pele, actually, dribbling a tailless white fake mouse down the length of our apartment almost without thought, from one paw to the other. He’s basically the most fabulous cat in the world and has made home feel much more like a home these past two days.




5 responses

2 08 2008

Congrats on Otis – aka Coops. Happy days ahead!

2 08 2008

Fun times!

3 08 2008

You know what they say about getting a pet together … it’s great practice for kids. Ahem!!! 🙂 (Sorry, I had to go there. Sweets and I endured countless comments about the same thing when we got a dog!) Congrats on the new addition!

4 08 2008

I love the name Otis for a cat – such personality!

4 08 2008

He must be channeling your Brazil experience! He wants you to feel at home. Such a good kitty! If you throw the mouse will Otis fetch it? Our cat used to fetch little pom-poms and fake mice… until she got old and fat, that is. That’s entertainment!

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