Like sand through the hour glass.

4 08 2008

I have a new-found respect for housewives. How you all stay sane is beyond me. I’ve been here for two days on my own—-two days—-and I’m losing it. It’s much better having Otis the Cat around (can you imagine my boredom before him?) because I am going nuts without something to do. It’s gotten so bad I am actually cooking. Real food. Gone are the days of popcorn, ladies and gentlemen. Take this woman’s job away from her, give her a boyfriend who works for fourteen hours a day, and she can make some food. Here’s what’s been cooking in my kitchen: (And, might I add, it’s all from scratch.)

  • Mozzarella, red peppers, spinach and pasta.
  • Lemon horseradish fish cakes.
  • Spinach and white beans with sweet Italian sausage.
  • Flank steak with arugula & goat cheese.

I may be vegetarian, but clearly I’m not cooking it. I had a taste of the fish cake and as far as I could tell, it was the best damn fish cake on the planet.  Dennis ate five of them. When I was home last week, I picked up a stack of my old Everyday Food magazines and brought them back to New York. Since we live around the corner from loads of little markets, it’s really fun for me to spend the morning looking through the magazines and then sometime in the afternoon go out to the market and get the goods. I’m having a good time, I guess, but I know this drive down the Boulevard of Domesticity will come to a much appreciated ending once school begins. I don’t know how I could possibly be comfortable spending time with just myself. How was I able to do it in Brazil? For so long? Without complaining? I guess now that Dennis and I live together, I just want to be spending my time with him, so when he’s gone working for so many hours I get bored with myself.


NOT the kind of bored I was in Brazil, though. That was different. Here, I can easily go to the cafe, hop on the subway and go into Manhattan. That’s exactly what I did today. I had to go to Crate & Barrel to pick up some gifts, and afterwards, I took a stroll up Madison Avenue. It was a gorgeous day—-bright sun, beautiful breeze, and I did some ridiculous window shopping. Armani, Cartier, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli…I felt like I was on the set of “The Devil Wears Prada” (and Prada,) or Sex and the City. Just for kicks, I went into the Hermes store. [May the god of fashion strike me dead, I just don’t see what is the big deal about that place. So it’s from France. Big whoop. So are fries. (kidding.) It’s impractical, overly expensive stuff. A giant ashtray with a horse on it? A tiny fold-up picture frame? A gold baby charm for $690? A leather blanket? A beach towel for $510? Who are these people who seriously spend their money on ridiculous unnecessary crap like this?! Maybe someone out there can enlighten me on the matter, explain why my beach towel from Bed Bath and Beyond that I bought for $11.99 three years ago is somehow less effective than one that costs $498 more. Does the towel dry my ass when I’m done swimming? Yes. Unless I care to dry off with hundred dollar bills themselves, I’m sticking with BB&B. Enough said.] I wasn’t freshly showered, either, arriving at the House of Fashion Haute Couture in jeans and a tank top, Havainana flip flops (ooh! SO name brand! I am so materialistic) and my hair up in a ponytail. The only way I could have looked any worse would be not to have washed off my face mask that I’d put on that morning. I hadn’t showered. I hadn’t even brushed my hair. I’m surprised the door man at Hermes acknowledged me at all. Maybe he thought I was just another Sex and the City fan who had come to see where they filmed the episode where Samantha becomes Lucy Liu’s assistant and she uses Lucy Liu’s name to get the red Birkin bag from Hermes that originally had a five year waiting list, and then when Lucy Liu finds out that Samantha’s used her name, she fires her and then Carrie’s voice comes in and said that Samantha had been fired by Lucy Liu over a “Lucy lie.” But that’s not the case because I’m just not that into Sex and the City. (Remember? In Season 5 when FIND A NEW HOBBY, GINA Miranda finally learns from Carrie’s boyfriend Berger, “He’s just not that into you” after she had a first date and the guy didn’t want to go up with her afterwards and she was wondering what that “meant” and Berger was like, “He’s just not that into you” and it totally freed Miranda’s sense of self.) (Really, Gina?)

So it all boils down to me having a lot of time on my hands, a new city to explore, and a boyfriend and friends who work all the time, leaving me and Otis to chill in our apartment until Dennis comes home. Ho-hum.

So are the days of our lives.




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4 08 2008
lynne cheslin

Gina….your writings leave me gasping for breath… are so sharp,witty and hysterical( especially your take on the bath/beach towel…) crack me up royally….your recollection of Sex and the City is right on as I am a devoted lover of all the seasons……keep up the wonderful writings as I so look forward to reading everything you write…..XO

4 08 2008

Could be worse… you could be sitting on that purty new furniture watching daytime soap operas. all. day. long.

The browsing cooking magazines, shopping, and cooking up a storm sounds like fun! It’s great that you have all those resources so close to home. It seems that whenever I find something that I want to make I get to the store to pick up the ingredients and they don’t have at least one thing I need.

I’m with you… I can’t imagine spending that kind of money so frivolously. Insane when you think of all the good things you could do with money like that.

5 08 2008

Hahahaha, I love this post, Gina. It’s so real! And I totally get it. When Sweets worked at his last job, he would have a number of days off each week. And it was really no fun for him to do much of anything without me or a friend or his family. So, he wound up hanging out around the house a lot. Playing with the dog. And doing a whole bunch of nothing.

5 08 2008

I get insanely bored when I’m not working, but when I’m working I’m longing to be as bored as possible. The cooking comes with the boredom. I think its the need to create something. Maybe its the artist inside or the chef screaming to be released.
I can’t imagine buying anything that cost nearly $600 to wipe my sand covered ass. Wow.

5 08 2008

You’ll be wishing for more days like this in just a few more weeks … enjoy them. Your cooking sounds yummy – a chip of the old PQ block!

5 08 2008

Two words for you, woman: Enjoy It. I am just aching with jealousy as I sit here in my cold, windowless office with a puppy at home I should be out hiking with.

But I do have some sense of where you’re coming from – Kevin has been out of town for almost 2 weeks and it’s killing me!

12 08 2008

Hmmm….I think that for some spending money – insane amounts on things you could pick up at Target – well…for them it is a sort of hobby or addiction. Or they are bored. Everyone has their thing and people to cater to it.
Enjoy the down town Gina as your mom will tell you – the soft flowing easy moments of alone time end abrubtly with the addition of offspring. The more kids the less time to be bored (or at least be bored alone). You will be so busy trying to find mates for the lost socks and lovies that have gone missing that Amy’s mac n cheese will seem gormet that day. I think each phase and chapter has its own beauty and peace. Enjoy the down time and quality couple alone time. Fall is coming in New York lucky lucky gal. Best wishes for the coming season!

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