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8 08 2008

So I was gone from blogging for a minute there. I had to go back up to VT for a doctor’s appointment where I had vinegar placed in all the places vinegar should never, ever be. EVER. I spent most of Wednesday curled up in a ball on the couch sleeping off the embarrassment of seeing my cervix on the computer screen and woke up Thursday prepared to spend time with my family and then fly out of Burlington back to NYC. 

The family part was wonderful. My uncle and family came for the afternoon and brought great sandwich stuff, fresh herbs, and hours of stories that helped drown out the thunderstorms of the day. When my evening flight rolled around of course it was delayed soon after I got to the airport, and then suddenly it was cancelled. The announcer claimed it had been cancelled because of gridlock at the NY airports, but my stepfather thought it was more likely due to the fact that there were only six of us on the outgoing flight. Not enough to make the trip worth it, I suppose. And based on the fact that this morning’s six o’clock flight was nearly full, I tend to agree with the latter reasoning. 

About the flight: despite the facts that I generally hate to fly and that the plane had the capacity to hold roughly eleven people and that it was an early morning flight and the skies looked ominous, it was a rather pleasant flight. I had an emergency row, window seat, and thus had my view pretty much blocked the whole time except if I looked straight down, which I didn’t do a whole lot. When beverage service came around, I had no desire to shell out the $2 now requested for Coke products or bottled water, or the $7 for an alcoholic beverage or the $1 for tea or coffee, so I sat and tried to make myself read my book and not feel tempted to open the emergency door. I probably shouldn’t sit in those rows again. 

Oh, but the landing? I’m not sure I’ve ever flown into LaGuardia before today’s flight. The flight pattern was such that we flew directly over Shea Stadium in Queens, close enough to my apartment in Sunnyside so that I could almost locate my street, and then all the way over Manhattan! The morning was beautiful when we were coming in and we flew over midtown and I saw Times Square, then we turned and headed south and I saw the Brooklyn Bridge and spotted the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and then we turned and headed east and then north and came around the other side of Queens and before I knew it we were back at Shea Stadium and almost landing. It was the most magical time flying I’ve ever had. If you ever get the chance to fly into NY, fly to LaGuardia because that landing pattern was the best ever. Whenever I came back from Brazil I flew into JFK and it’s nowhere near as close to Manhattan as LaGuardia is and the planes would have no point in flying over Manhattan to land at JFK. Anyway, it was a fabulous way to start my morning. 

And then I caught a cab and was home in fifteen minutes, where I gave Dennis a quick kiss as he headed out the door to work, and Otis bit me. I’ve been trying to romance the cat ever since and he’s only just started to warm up to me after my absence. The kid can hold a grudge and now he’s holed up in his little cat carrier cage resenting me and acting like I probably did in high school when my mom told me I couldn’t go to parties with my friends. I won’t be surprised if later I find lines of Silvia Plath poems scribbled in cat food on the inside of his cat cage (“You do not do, you do not do / Anymore black shoe”), the iPod tuned into Smashing Pumpkins, and a couple of nips of vodka shoved under his blanket. 

Not that I did these things when I was younger.




7 responses

8 08 2008

Awesome flight. Bite him back?

8 08 2008

You are too funny. BTW, I’m wearing the beaded necklace you sent today. Love it!

8 08 2008

He’s being better now….he just collapsed near my foot which is a good thing. And Nilsa–I’m so glad you like the necklace!!

8 08 2008
Rachel L

Glad to have you back. Missed your posts. 🙂 I wore a group of the necklaces you got me and got several compliments!

11 08 2008

It’s been a looong time since I’ve flown into LGA. Like my honeymoon 13 years ago, maybe?

Vinegar? I don’t want to know. I do, but I don’t.

12 08 2008

When we flew to NY in June we flew into LaGuardia and it was amazing.

Instead of vodka try catnip…has the “mellowing” effect of what *I* used to love in high school *wink*

And if you got a culposcopy well, I know the feeling. I got one recently too. Ugh.

13 08 2008

Seriously….those colposcopy things are not the way I choose to spend my summer mornings.

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