The very last day.

24 08 2008

Well, this week was over before it even began. I wasted my days away inside waiting for furniture and cable deliveries, and in between the waiting, watched some good movies (“The Graduate” and “Annie Hall”) and wandered around parts of the city. Now I find myself in the final hours before my new job begins, and I can’t say I’m not thankful. I am more ready to start this job than I’ve been ready to start anything. Eager to meet my colleagues, eager to have a reason to go into the city everyday. 

Our home is finally put together. So after work now, coming home will really be coming HOME. We no longer have the air mattress on the living room floor; a real couch has replaced it. We got three of Dennis’ beautiful photos custom framed along with two batiks and a painting from Brazil, and those pieces are now all up on the walls. Otis is sleeping on a chair beneath the dining room table and his head is resting on my foot, and there is a cupcake waiting for me in the refrigerator. This morning we had brunch at a little place called Quaint, and sat outside on the patio. 

I wonder if I should be feeling nervous for tomorrow? For whatever reason, I don’t. Maybe I’ll feel nervous before the actual first day of school. This coming week is just in-service and meetings and stuff; nothing to get all worked up about. I’m just so thankful to be doing something meaningful again. This summer has trickled by and trickled by and I feel like it didn’t even exist. Like it wasn’t a real summer. Back and forth between here and Vermont, living in a partially furnished space, moving home from another country, learning a new city. It’s been a confusing, floating kind of summer. I’m eager to have the anchor of a job everyday.




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24 08 2008

Hi Gina,

Just wanted to wish you all the best as you head into your new teaching job. The students you will have don’t yet know how lucky they are.
Thank you so much for encouraging your mom to set up the Pumpkin Blog; it’s quite a phenomenon. It has reconnected a lot of people, and has enriched a lot of lives, including mine.

Take care,

25 08 2008

Hi Weezie!
Thanks for the nice words….and really, it was my pleasure helping out with the blog. I’m so happy so many people are reconnecting and finding happiness from it!

25 08 2008


Also, HI OTIS!!!!

25 08 2008

Your house must look great! I think you are right on not beign nervous, I know you will be great and the students will love you! Good Luck on the first day!!!! =)

25 08 2008

Hope you had a great first day!

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