Coming up for air.

28 08 2008

It’s been such a busy week so far that I’ve been going to sleep before nine each night. Tonight I feel a little more at ease about things and certainly with the upcoming long weekend I hope to get a little more rest, enough to start the new school year on Tuesday feeling refreshed and prepared. Because it’s just now almost 9:30, I’m getting ready to go to sleep, but I wanted to touch base and say I’m still here and things are still excellent, if just a little dizzying at times. I will say I’ve found TWO (2) Starbucks on my walk to work—-one of which lies at the mouth of the subway as soon as I walk out onto Park Avenue. It made my day when I discovered it.

So here’s to the final days before school begins. There’s still a lot more work to do, sure, but I’m feeling really great about it all.


(PS Lynne: I did see the waterfalls and I took a picture of them for you!)




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29 08 2008

I appreciate that the school year begins after Labor Day. I think all schools should have this calendar.

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