Palin? Is he serious?

29 08 2008

If Obama/Biden aren’t elected in November there is going to be some serious shit happening in America, and the People are going to go CRAZY. I stayed up and watched Obama’s speech last night becoming more and more confident with every passing minute that he is the best person to take office next, and went to bed sure that America will make the right choice in the next couple of months.

And now? To hear that McCain has chosen Palin as his running mate? Seems like a something both laughable and pathetic and somewhat insulting all at the same time. Laughable because, I mean, seriously? She’s in her first term as governor.  Of ALASKA. (I don’t mean to insult, Catherine.) She has no record of anything. She is not remotely involved in international politics, she is ridiculously pro-life, and for crying out loud, she was Miss Congeniality in the Wasilla Beauty Pageant. I’m sorry. She’s blank as can be, which, as I heard on NPR today, is just what the Republicans want for this campaign. All that is fine for a gubernatorial candidate, but not for the vice president of one of the most powerful nations in the world. It’s as if he’s choosing a babysitter for his grandkids on the grounds that the babysitter’s a “good kid.” And that’s the message he’s sending there: she’s a good kid. She’ll take care of things—-clean up around the house, make sure the kids are happy. 


Pathetic because it’s just so convenient. First Barack Obama comes out onto the scene against Hillary and here we’ve got two Democratic candidates whose faces have never before been seen on the presidential front because of race and gender. And so, here come the bumbling Republicans with THEIR “minority” candidate and it’s Palin? And she’s a “hockey mom?” And she likes hunting? And she admits to being an “accidental politician”? For the position of nation’s vice president she should not be saying something like, “Gosh, you know? It just kind of snuck up on me! I was a member of the PTA and then suddenly, I’m here!” It makes me choke and gag at the same time, and it just makes McCain look more sad than ever. Like he’s saying, “Oh, wait! I can be “progressive” too! I’ve got a GIRL on my team!” 


And then finally, McCain has further insulted women. He is CLEARLY using Palin. CLEARLY using her. She is a tool in his pathetic campaign. Here we have Hillary who has fought hard, tooth and nail, for decades alongside her husband and on her own. She’s withstood months and years of serious criticism from all media. She was strong until the very end of her campaign and, regardless of whether or not Obama chose her to be his running mate, has remained a pillar of strength, intelligence, determination, and grace. Now suddenly, OVERNIGHT, we have Palin who has brought nothing to the nation’s politics on any front, who is in her very first term, and who until today no one could pick out of a lineup of two. What does this do to Hillary? What does McCain THINK about women?! That just because Hillary (a woman who has clearly proven herself for years) is no longer in the running that we will all jump at the opportunity to vote Republican SIMPLY BECAUSE PALIN IS A WOMAN? Does he not think women have intelligence enough to seriously scrutinize our candidates and that we will not choose McCain/Palin simply because she’s a woman?! He has insulted me and my intelligence and the intelligence of the millions of women in this country. He’s insulting Palin and she has no idea. 

Now I just feel sorry for him. And truthfully I feel sorry for Palin. 


If America does not turn out and vote overwhelmingly for Obama/Biden an experienced, dedicated,  compassionate, and politically driven team, and instead become plagued with still more Republicanism under a totally unqualified, privileged, and oblivious McCain/Palin administration, we will send a strong and wrong message to the world. We will be saying we are a nation of hypocritical bigots, beauty queens, and Good Old Boys.




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29 08 2008

Very well said.

29 08 2008


30 08 2008

Dude, I couldn’t agree with you more.

30 08 2008

Great post, Gina. But who elected Bush for a second term? The terror-stricken Conservative American majority, puppets to the machinations of Rove and Company. This Palin business is a power play for the Evangelical Right and could well pull in votes in the swing states amoung disaffected Clinton folks.
Brilliant politics.
For me it was awful to hear Obama having to pander during his speech to them, talking about how he would get Bin Ladan in his cave before McCain. You see how low he has to stoop, even having to get a pro-invasion running mate.

30 08 2008

That bin Laden statement was the weak spot in Obama’s speech for me, too – it stood out so much from all the rest of the good, positive things that he’d been saying. So, we just have to keep working on bringing more people on board. I signed up at and will volunteer to do what I can through that organization.

30 08 2008

The scary thing is that with the lying attacks against Obama, it may be another very close election, and if even 1 out of 50 Clinton supporters can be nudged (by anger at Obama or some bias) to vote Republican, that might be enough to tip the election. Plus Palin will energize the far right base more. I hope we get some decently run debates that might point out the differences of how our actual lives will be affected.

I hate to think about the next 3 Supreme Justices being like Alito/Scalia/Roberts. That will impact us for a long time. I wish we had something like a 15 year term for Justices, but that would probably require a constitutional amendment. Goodbye minimum wage and 40-hour work week, hello corporate oligarchy and serfdom, among other things.

30 08 2008

Sarah Palin as vice-president, a woman whose educational experience is limited to a journalism degree at the University of Idaho, who has no experience or even interest in foreign policy, and who has less than two years of experience as the 44-year-old governor of Alaska, a state with a mere 700,000 residents. McCain gave us a former beauty queen as the person who could be asked to take over the White House in an emergency if anything happened to the oldest first-term president in American history.

Are you kidding me? I am insulted by his choice. It is denigrating to women everywhere. We want to break the glass ceiling without question but not because we are women but because we are qualified. Obama-Biden ‘08

31 08 2008

I found your site through “Mudflats”…and am glad I did. Your comment on his site was right “on point”!

The thing that’s surprised me the most is all the censorship now taking place whenever any questions are asked. I’m not even talking about the RNC….but the DNC (PUMA’S to be exact) What are they afraid of? It’s as if no one understands transformative learning.

I did a post to get my point across. It’s titled “Why Punish Yourselves”. Odd thing is that it’s had 100’s of “hits” but no comments. At least I know it’s being read. My husband said, “The vagina owners don’t have the “balls” to let their buddies know they’ve read something outside the scope of PUMA rhetoric”.

I agree with you, as a woman it was insulting to think that we’d vote for someone based strictly on gender or race. I spent 30 years as a Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator and Educator for First Responders…allowing me entrance in numerous nations across four continents.

Now, I come back to the US permanently and it’s been like landing on a different planet. Regarding Gov Palin…we had heard of her before she was asked to be VP….we have friends in AK that have forwarded to us the legal issues she’s alleged to have had involvement.

You have a great site!


31 08 2008

Girrrrrl, I couldn’t agree with you more. But. But. BUT, there are A LOT of people in our nation who rampantly disagree with you. Some outwardly. But more will just keep it quiet. I went to school in North Carolina. A state that year after year, election season after election season kept putting Jesse Helms back in Congress. One of the most bigoted foul men out there. And the worst part of it was people adamantly denied supporting the guy, yet he magically got the votes year after year. Welcome to the slimy Republican world in which we live.

1 09 2008

Right on, Gina. Maybe you should forward this to Palin. Obama should win by a landslide. If he doesn’t, this is the most corrupt country in the world – and that scares me more than anything.

5 09 2008

I’m right there with you on this one. McCain picked her so he’d pull some other demographic besides the ‘old boys club’. It’s scary that some will fall for it.

24 11 2010
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