First Day of School.

2 09 2008

I think I will really love my students. It was a long day today, full of paperwork and organization and whatnot, but wow. These kids are going to make my year fabulous and I’m so excited to be working with them. I’ve only met the 6th graders—23 of them who make up my home room. I will meet my 7th graders tomorrow and am looking forward to that just as much. 

I wasn’t nervous at all about today. And that’s weird. Normally I’ve had the pre-first day nightmare, or have felt a sensation of dread creep through my veins. But this morning when I woke up, I didn’t feel the least bit of a flutter in my stomach or a hint of negativity. It was as if I’d been doing this for years and it was just another day in a long line of many happy ones. A strange sensation indeed. Yesterday as I was driving home from Newport, I thought to myself, “I’m teaching at the school where I want to be, I’m teaching the age group I love, I’m living where I want, and I’m living with the person I want to live with. What in the world could be better than all of that?” I feel so lucky. And meeting my students today was like the icing on the cake. They’re small and friendly and eager to have fun. I’m so happy to be working with them.

I can’t help but think of my Brazilian students for the past two years, the ones who absolutely and without a doubt shaped the positive experience I had today. Those kids in Brazil made it possible for me to feel so excited, so prepared, and so thankful to be working with the students here, and there were many times today when I thought of them and wondered how they are. I miss my Brazilian kids in the same way I missed my New Haven kids when I first moved to Brazil. I’m missing all my former students today, but in the best possible way.




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2 09 2008

I’m one hundred percent sure that I’ve never had a teacher who would have written such a piece as this or had such positive, grateful feelings about being given the opportunity to teach.
Have a great year!

2 09 2008

Ditto from me (except I’d have to outdo my little brother and say 200%).

3 09 2008

Excited and happy for you!

3 09 2008

I’m really happy for you, Ms.C!!!! Its great you liked them because I agree with you that this is only the first of all the good days to come!! And also, we all here miss you too!! Every time I’m with anyone and we pass through your old class, we remember about you. And in English class when we kind of don’t like something we always remember of you and how you were like way more funny and nice!

8 09 2008
victor Pinto

Ahh ms.c its so good you like your students i hope your happy there we miss you lots i will never forget you every english class i remeber you beacuase our new teacher Jocelin Moore some times does something like you did so i remeber you i really miss!!!

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