What are you doing after work?

4 09 2008

Because I am worthless. Absolutely worthless. It is not possible for me even to draw breath after a school day without falling asleep first. Last night I was in bed, asleep, at 8 o’clock. And that was after a nap. I promise I will be able to write something sometime soon. Exhaustion is a total understatement.


I feel bad for John McCain. He’s just too old for this job. He’s a good guy, probably the most patriotic one out there. But he’s in over his head with a partner who doesn’t know how to swim.




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5 09 2008

WHAT?! a whole THREE days without any updates for your fans?! that is just unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE!

🙂 sound familiar?

i thought that by now you’d already have individual pics of each of your students with captions and their social security or passport numbers. yeesh, you must be really busy.

haha – hope you’re enjoying it. i wait patiently.

5 09 2008

You are the most empathetic person. But maybe your empathy for the old guy would be modified if you considered a look at Dave Lindorff’s
“The Things They Left Behind (Including McCain’s First Wife)” on http://www.counterpunch.org. Nobody has a spotless background, but the GOP are the worst group of hypocrits. Still trying to vindicate the Vietnam War tradgedy.
No doubt you haven’t energy for anything but getting a cup coffee and lying down again, so nap on and get your beauty rest.

6 09 2008

Ha ha, very funny YFBID.
Now you see how I feel.

7 09 2008

You’re probably still recovering from the first week of school since this is Sunday and no post since Tuesday. I know the feeling – I haven’t had my computer on since last Monday, the 1st – today being the … 7th (I had to check the date…) I share your feelings on the political scene. Have a great second week with your students!!

7 09 2008

Absolutely nothing. I do try to cook some dinner for my guy and make myself at least exercise a bit. Otherwise its all of nothing and bed by at least 10. I wonder what I’ll be like in 10 more years? Tv Dinners and bed by 8? Ha!

10 09 2008

I’m spent after work, too. I can stay up if I have to, but I certainly prefer to go to bed early. I wish we only worked 3 days a week. It would be so much better then.

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