I know, I know….

7 09 2008

The words just aren’t flowing these days. Between getting into a new routine of actually needing to wake up in the morning—-EARLY morning, I might add—-and staying busy well into the evening, I haven’t had time to put down my thoughts about the new school year and life in New York. So let me just kind of summarize what I’ve been up to, but before I do, I need to get up and blow my nose because I’ve come down with a massive head cold….


Okay, I’m back. As much as I’m excited about going to work and being busy in a meaningful way, my body is rejecting it. On Friday morning I woke up at 3:35 and felt as if I’d swallowed glass shards. This lovely feeling stayed with me through the day and by the afternoon I sounded (and probably looked) like Dorothy on the Golden Girls, my voice hoarse like I’d smoked four packs of cigarettes between each of my classes all week and the bags under my eyes large enough to tote home the pile of grading for the weekend that had collected on my desk. Needless to say, when I awoke on Saturday, I looked at myself in the mirror and knew it just wasn’t going to be my day. I’d had plans to go out with new friends to celebrate a birthday and while I waited out the day judging if my throat was getting better or if I was just dizzy, Dennis and I decided to go to a museum nearby to wander around and look at art. 

We went to P.S.1, a very cool spot a few subway stops away. It’s the Queens part of MoMa and I’d been looking forward to going. Good thing we went yesterday because we found out we can go for free because we’re residents of Long Island City, where the museum is located in Queens. Nice. Double nice was the fact that along with the free admission there was the last of the summer dance/concert series going on that night at the museum, and we’d arrived just as it was about to begin. We also arrived just as Tropical Storm Hannah made her appearance and whenever we weren’t inside the museum listening to  a Finnish Men’s Shout Chorus or watching a film of Vietnam Vets talk about the atrocities of the war, we were outside dancing. In the rain. And the cold. 

And oh, my head. 

By 8:30 last night I’d fallen asleep a couple of times already and was so stuffed up in all the places in my head that could feel stuffed up I wasn’t sure where I was or what I was doing. I woke up startled on the couch, Dennis watching Batman (which was weird because we’d started off the night watching The Office (SEASON FOUR!! WE OWN IT!) and that had me all confused. It was better that I went to bed. I slept well until I woke up not breathing. That wasn’t pleasant. So I downed some appropriate drugs and went back to sleep. 

All this is an explanation of why I’ve been so out of the blog world recently. Do you know I haven’t even checked in other people’s blogs? It’s that bad. To top it off, I’ve either been cleaning the house, grading papers, or planning for tomorrow’s Geography class for nearly 9 hours today. I’ve quite forgotten how to use my voice. 

So I think I’ll go spend some quality half-hour with Dennis before I fall asleep again. I hope this has reassured you that I indeed live, but that I’m interpreting the word “live” fairly loosely.

For the first week back at school, I think I’m about as good as it gets.




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7 09 2008

Hope you feel better this coming week. Maybe its all the newness causing too much stress which in turn causes stuffed up head colds that make us miserable. Once you get in a routine and things calm down you’ll start feeling better. I got the flu the last time I started a new job. I had only been there 3 days and was out sick for 5. Nice. Oh and the dancing in the rain part sounds perfect.

8 09 2008

Awww, sounds awful. Sweets is suffering through a terrible cold, too. It’s no fun! Don’t feel bad for taking a blogging hiatus. We all understand and look forward to your return. In whatever form that may be.

PS – Thanks for your comment on my post. It’s so funny how that one post pulled people out of the woodwork like I’ve never seen before. =)

10 09 2008

Men’s Shout Chorus? I’m so intrigued.

My friend Rebekah does a voice for a character we’ve named Marynell. Our fictional Marynell has been a smoker for years and I think she probably sounds exactly like you did the other day. Good times.

10 09 2008

Take Afrin for the stuffy head — it really works and does NOT promote dependence unless you continue it beyond 4 days — voice of experience here. Sorry you had to start the year sick. It can only get better from here!

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