Found: Dinner. Every. Night.

15 09 2008

Those long white folded menus stuffed under my door were getting annoying. One day it was Golden Wok on Skillman advertising free delivery seven days a week, then it was Golden Rainbow on Queens Boulevard advertising free delivery seven days a week PLUS a free spring roll with an order of ten dollars or more. And then, before I knew it, I had a drawer full of long white menus listing meal after meal of Chinese food and then suddenly I became blind to the long white menus and their funny translations into English, the “Chicken, large shrimps and beef in chef’s fabulous garlic sauce” and the little red chilies next to the name indicating that the Scallop w. Mixed Vegetable is a spicy dish. A veritable carpet of slim menus gathered near our door, and by that I don’t mean to imply that we are messy people; we are definitely messy people. But I have become numb to the novelty of receiving menus under the door and thus no longer thrill in perusing the names of the hundreds of dishes available for delivery, no minimum order required.

Numb, that is, until today when, surprise, surprise, I saw yet another long, slim, white menu shoved beneath the door. And rather than step over it, I saw two very important words that would make this menu like gold in my home: “Taco House.” Friends, this is a combination Chinese and Mexican restaurant. And there is free delivery. And no minimum order. And they accept Visa. And their soft tacos start at $1.09. And you can order Fajitas By the Pound. And the “tortillas are freshly made from scratch & baked from our own tortillas machine” and the Special Combo Dish is served with Mexican rice, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions & 2 pcs. of fresh tortillas, sour cream & soda. And they are open 7 Days A Week until Midnight. 

There will be no reason for me to leave the house, other than work. 

But oh, the sick days. Or “sick” days, I should say.




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21 09 2008

It’s hard to beat fresh tortillas.

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