End of the week.

19 09 2008

It still feels like Tuesday. Is it legal for time to pass so quickly in a week? It seems like just yesterday I was slamming my fist into my cell phone’s alarm clock and squealing out “Monday!” and now suddenly the week is over and I’m about to drink some wine and eat some cheese with my colleagues here. In the middle school lounge. I love this school.

Big weekend ahead: we’re going out of town for a night, back to the old stomping ground of New Haven. Eh, it’s not really a big weekend, but there’s going to be a great reunion tomorrow night with my old teacher friends from New Haven. I’m so excited to see them again as now we’ve mostly all scattered ourselves to the winds.

Today was a great day and days continue to be great here. I am in love with my students, supported by their parents, and collaborating with my colleagues. Plus, the weather was cold this morning which gave me the excuse to wear a new jacket that I found at a thrift store nearby, and thrifted jackets make me feel great. Now, finishing out the week with wine and cheese and not even having to leave school to do so? I couldn’t ask for anything more.

The series of Open House events here at school have finally drawn to a close (and I think the wine is celebration of that fact) and before I know it, we’ll all be whisked away in teaching and learning and testing and thinking. I’m surprised it’s been only three weeks since the school year began: I feel so comfortable here that it seems it’s been longer.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.




One response

22 09 2008

Wine and cheese in the teachers lounge…I always knew there was something special behind the “Teachers Only” lounge door. That’s awesome!
I’m so happy for you that you are loving your new school.

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