The facts of (my) life (today.)

29 09 2008

Fact: I woke up before my alarm clock went off this morning, somewhere around 5:30.

Fact: I paid $1 for coffee. And it was amazing. Like candy.

Fact: There were no buses that ran from the subway to school, or if there were, I walked in front of them all.

Fact: I wore heels to work.

Fact: I have blisters now.

Fact: I brought my lunch to school: PB&J, crackers, and a seltzer water.

Fact: I finished it all before lunch.

Fact: I barely taught all day because I had a light schedule.

Fact: The kids were NUTS so I spent most of the time telling them to shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Fact: At one point I felt like I was Dennis’ sister trying to get her infant to go back to sleep, with all the shhhhhhhhhhh-ing.

Fact: MY “infants” are twelve years old.

Fact: I told myself I was going to the gym after work.

Fact: I fell asleep on the subway just enough to realize I had started to lean.

Fact: I bought a quesadilla and watched The Office.

Fact: There was no gym.

Fact: When I walked in the door, there were two Otis poops on the floor. It appeared he’d kicked them out of his litter box. 

Fact: I did not tell Dennis.

Fact: I’m not sure I will.

Fact: Dennis does not read this blog so he won’t find out.

Fact: Unless you tell him.

Fact: Please don’t.

Fact: I washed all the dishes in the sink because I felt extra bad about the poop.

Fact: There were a lot of them.

Fact: Dishes, I mean.

Fact: I am bored now waiting for Dennis to come home.

Fact: I don’t know when he’ll be back.

Fact: The Dow dropped 777 points today.

Fact: I have no idea what that means.

Fact: I think we’re screwed?

Fact: It’s Monday. 

Fact: All this is par for the course.



Fact: There was the gym. 

Fact: There was twelve miles on a bike at 9pm.

Fact: I refuse to let this be an average Monday.




7 responses

30 09 2008

Look at you – getting to the gym at 9PM at night. You’re motivated. I’m impressed! And about that market drop … let’s hope we’re young enough that by the time we retire, our financial outlook is far better than bleak.

30 09 2008

$1 for coffee after waking up before the alarm…awesome.
Blisters because of heels…worth it because heels are beautiful…right?
No clue what the drop in the dow means either…do I even care?
Cat poopie…eww but we won’t tell Dennis.
12 miles at the gym at 9 pm…wow!
I’m impressed. =)

30 09 2008

Aw, Baby C! This was such a fun post! I miss you! 😦 Everyone in our class feels like it’s so depressing passing across your room and having nobody to wave it. It occurred to me that that was true when I was coming down from the arts room and I you weren’t there when I came down.

Anyway… I love your writing… sometimes it can be so professional, others playful, but it’s always fresh and original!

We miss you here!

30 09 2008

hahaha, I see that my commenting skills have lost its quality… I meant that “Everyone in our class feels like it’s so depressing passing across your room and having nobody to wave at” and that “I was coming down from the arts room and you weren’t there when I passed by your room.” Oh well… You know how I have illiteracy fits.

We still miss you here.

30 09 2008

Aw, I think of you all everyday. No joke. Missing you very much!!!!

1 10 2008

I won’t tell Dennis. I promise.

1 10 2008

Just another Monday – they are the same here in Vermont. Gotta get by — the coffee helps!!

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