An uncomfortable evening.

7 10 2008

This is a sloppy debate. It makes me uncomfortable listening to these two go back and forth in this format with such a tight debate structure. The conversation should flow. That they refer to each other as if the other isn’t there makes the whole situation tense. And rightfully so. This is a race for the President, of course.

Here’s basically what McCain is saying: “My friend, my friend, my friend, my friend, snarky comment, grin, interjection, my friend, my friend. My friend, my friend. My friend! Snark! As Americans, you are my friend, my friend. Snark. Handshake with the vet, part of the American people. Grin.”


Here’s what Obama is saying: McCain is wrong, let me speak for a long time, let me ignore Tom Brokaw, let me just keep talking because I have a point here and it connects to all the other wrong things McCain has said about me. 

This is not the greatest debate I have ever seen. This was actually kind of awful on both their parts. But what I did see, which was interesting, was the desire on both Obama and McCain’s parts to really debate something, to go back and forth about issues. I don’t know if they wanted to talk to each other, rather that they wanted to make bold statements and correct each other. 

Now it’s time to listen to the analysts. 

I still love Obama. There’s no doubt about it.




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8 10 2008

Ugh I just hate election years…period!

10 10 2008

If he called me his friend one more time, I would have exploded. I can’t stand it. I know he thinks it’s endearing, but it’s actually infuriating.

12 10 2008

Ah, Baby C, you and your political reviews 😉

One more thing you and Emma Caulfield have in common! Now you two have so much in common! If you were blonde, you could be her impersonator or a look-alike :D.

On her MySpace, she talks about politics (Or so I heard, because I can’t get into her posts because I ain’t no member), you both have cats that you love, and that kind of look similar (Hers is named Bjorn), and… well, is there anything more to prove y’all are like super similar? (And y’all rock!)

Oh, and Bobes (Formerly known as Sofa, Soft, Bo and you-know-what ;)) and I have been looking at your super adorable baby pictures! I so hoped you were our age because you looked like so much fun! (You still do, don’t worry, even if I don’t like politics :P)

7 03 2010

While this is unlikely to be responded to, I am curious.

(1) Are you still pro-Obama?

(2) Do you think you knew enough about him, really, to make an informed vote back in November 2008?

(3) How do you feel towards Palin now?

(4) Why?

7 03 2010

just a follow up to make sure I checked the track follow ups box.

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