The final word.

13 10 2008

It goes like this: I started this blog to write about my experiences in Brazil. To keep in touch with family. To have a permanent reminder of my everyday, to have a reason to reflect on each day. To remember my time there.

When I lived in New Haven, the reason I blogged was because I was asked by an editor to tell the city what it was like to teach in a public school and to wait tables for the New Haven elite. To inform, to uncover, to delight, to critcize. That blog ended, of course, when I moved to Brazil and discovered a whole new reason to write.

I’m bringing this blog to a close today. I do it not because I don’t have a reason to write; rather, I want to preserve this blog as a beginning-to-end record of my time in Brazil. It is a package of words and I want to keep it as such. I came, I saw, I danced, I went home. And because of all that, I now know where home is. And it’s with that idea that I joyfully wrap up all my words.

I am grounded in New York, and focused. I am connected to a family. I am thankful—-so thankful—-for the opportunities I have had and will continue to have because of my school, my wonderful family, and my ever-expanding group of friends and colleagues. Lately I’ve felt troubled writing here as if it’s inappropriate, as if my New York words somehow spoil all the ones the came before. I can’t bring myself to change the header on this blog. It was my home in Brazil. To change it seems criminal.

I end this blog today because I want to start a new one. In much the same way that I have started a new life here, I feel it is appropriate to start a new. Anew. With all that is happening in our country now, with all destruction from the past and with all the hope for the future, it seems appropriate to make a clean break, right here, right now. I’ll have a new blog someday, hopefully November 4th, hopefully when Obama is elected our new president. How appropriate it will be then to write from a place of change! (If you care to receive an update email, just subscribe to this blog using the button on the top right, and you’ll be able to find out what the new blog is all about.)

I’d like to say thank you to those of you who stumbled upon this blog somewhere over the past two years, who contributed good thoughts on sad days, and who celebrated along with me on the good days. Who gave me laughter and support. Food for thought. Friendship. Book recommendations. I’ve never known companionship like I have through this blog and I hope to see you again on another one.

So, until then, muito obrigada pelo seu amor, sua amizade, e pelas suas palavras. Ate mais…!




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13 10 2008

I think you give the most solid reasons for bringing this blog’s life to a close. I hope you’ll keep it out there on the internet, so others will stumble across your beautiful writing. I cannot wait to see your next blog … and as such, have just subscribed!

13 10 2008

I think your blog and blogging is beyond lovely and inspires me on many levels. Selfishly I am thrilled at the prospects of your new blog in your new city and Fall is the perfect time to take on a bite of the Big Apple. Perhaps start on the witches new year October 31? It is said that the Harvest celebrated at that time brings many rewards.

I love how gentle and kind you are towards others and your mother especially. It in turn makes me kind and more gentle with my own children. I have said it before but your mom did a really good job with you and I cannot wait to tag along on your next adventure.

No matter the outcome with the election…you are inspiring the future everyday when you teach your students. Change will come – it always does.
Peace and Prosperity to you sweet girl.
“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

13 10 2008

Can’t wait to see where you end up next. I’ll be waiting!

13 10 2008

Welcome home.

13 10 2008

Baby C, this post almost brought tears to my eyes! (Almost because I usually don’t cry for much, but if I did, I’d be on the floor crying like a little baby)

It’s such an emotional ending, with your cute little portuguese words! I can’t believe that this token of 7th grade that is your blog is going to be “out of order” just like another token of 7th grade, that was “On Our Way…” It’s so sad having you in another country (And if you consider this another continent, also in another continent) and not having this space I think of with so much love to read your posts from! I’m sure your new blog is going to be just as awesome, but the sentiment, the beauty, the life I see in this webpage can’t be seen in any other. I bet if I look at this again in 2 years, I’m going to be in tears remembering the good old times and the good old Brazilian posts! T_T

This time I’m following your new blog from beginning to end and I’ll be lovin’ every second of it. Thank you for such a thoughtful record of our times together and for influencing Sofy and I to having our own blogs, it means so much to me, I love writing, something I never thought I loved before, and thanks to you, I unleashed the writer within ;).

Be sure to tell me when your blog is up (You have my e-mail) and if you need any help with it, be sure to ask me! (If you’d like, I’ll try making a really pretty header for you! :D) You know I love you!

From a very heartfelt student,

13 10 2008

I am sad but VERY hopeful to read your next words. Yours was the first blog I have ever read and I have LOVED IT!!!! You are talented beyond measure. I look forward to more words from you.

13 10 2008

Well…I don’t know what to write. I’ve been away from English too long, and now I can’t say what I really want to tell you. And it makes me feel guilty, because this post, this blog, and everything you’ve ever said to me was always so beautifully worded that it would be a shame to comment with something silly and unwise. I don’t want to say it like it’s a goodbye, I’m not trying to make you upset or anything. But it IS sort of a goodbye, and that makes me a bit sad. Because I love you and all, but I’m also selfish and I want you to be here forever.

I understand though, and I’m also very happy for you. You’ve done your job with us. We’re not only better writers because of you, we’re just overall better people. You made a difference here, a big one – and I guess it’s time for you to do the same somewhere else. And anyone who gets to know you better know that they’re really lucky to have you, Ms. C, because it wasn’t easy to give you up.

And I know I’ve said this all before. It just bared repeating, I think. ‘Cause now is the time when it really feels like a Goodbye Brazil. Before it just felt like a fake goodbye, you know? Do you get it at all? I’m confusing. Sorry.
But anyway, don’t take long to start the new blog, alright? I’m looking forward to it 🙂 .
I love you!

– Sofy (who just spent about ten minutes reading this over and over. I needed it to be perfect. This was the closest I got.)

13 10 2008

Your writing has become such a source of pleasure for me as a reader and a significant point of avuncular pride, as well. Doesn’t that last part sound flattering?
Can’t wait for the next incarnation of your blog!

13 10 2008
lynne cheslin

What a truly delicious journey you have included me in these last two years. I so get what you’ve decided to do and I eagerly await your new adventures…’s to life and all that comes our way! Love you!

13 10 2008

I’m excited to see the next journey you take us on. I am blessed to have found your blog via Jennie’s. We love you and your family here in Arkansas!

13 10 2008

What can I say that everyone before me hasn’t said already? Maybe that I’m the luckiest person in the world to be your Mom, and that gives me bragging rights about how wonderful you are, all the way around, inside and out! We all know that your next writing adventure will be fabulous, so we just need to wait and be patient (NOT the strongest trait in some of us, however…. so hurry up, ok?). I couldn’t be a prouder Mama (please don’t edit that out), and I can hardly wait to see you guys in November. I love you (and please don’t edit that out, either!). Signed, your Pumpkin Queen of a Mom

14 10 2008

Best of luck to you. Please let me know when you start up again. I have always enjoyed your writing and consider you a friend I have not met.

14 10 2008

Just so ya know….you are one of my favorites! Please come back soon!


14 10 2008

coggigio –

there are very few who have what can only be called ‘natural grace.’ some have it hitting a baseball, some have it in ballet shoes.

you have it with words.

glad to know that you’ll continue to inspire us all.

love to you,

15 10 2008
Mateus Siqueira

Hi Ms.C, remember me, Im sure you do. sauhasuhushauhsa(do you remember my risada?) I writing to you here because it was the only way I could send you this message. Today in Brazil(I dont know if in any other place it also is) its teachers day. I sending you this message because I want to say happy teachers day!!!!!!!!!!!!! We normaly have english in room 6(i think) but today we had it in YOUR class. The teacher(I hate her) tried to make us be quiet for about 10 min because we were remembering the good moments we spent with you in the last year. She made us read our SSR book but she didnt let us sit in the floor and use pillow(we dont have them)!!! If you read this please send me an email! My email is !!! Happy teachers day!!!

15 10 2008

Like Sofi,I was afraid to write because I wanted to make it perfect, at least I tried:


You are the best teacher EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! You enjoyed teaching us and was always soo happy, chocolate aticted(ran after the stundent who stole you chocolate barefooted), most of all you are a great person, you care about us. I remeber in the beginning when our class was imposible to deal with,but you never gave up trying to be nice. Soon, we saw how a wonderful teacher you are and we actualy clapped for your guns!! Everybody was always eager to have English,to see you. When you were smiling in the class everybody else was too.

Today we had English in your class, and it is “Ms.C’s Class”. We spent half a class only talking about you and remembering. Our moments with you. The whole class, everybody misses you sooooooooooo much!!! Me too!!!!! I wish with al my heart, you were here. At least here in Brasil today is your day. Happy Teachers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms.C, I hope we can meet in New York. Sometime, come visit us here. Well… It is actually kind of hard since it us like 7 hour distance by plane. But anyway.
You are really the Best!

Lots of love!!!!!

17 10 2008
Bill the Firebrand

Hey Ms.C!
it’s the first time that i’m writing at your blog, even though you finished it with your last words.
As Mateus said, our English teacher’s not that great.
You’ve been a great teacher and learned a LOT.
I remember when we met the first time in your class. You were teaching me, Christina, and Johnny ESL. We talked about what we wanted to learn. Eagle Christ! I remember, you laughed like a weird person.
i miss you and write me you know my email.
Bill the Firebrand.

20 10 2008
Rachel L

I’m sad to see it end – what oh what will I read at work in the meantime – but excited to see what the future holds for us readers!


12 03 2009

We are human after all. Humans need change. And when for the better, that change will help. Good luck in life.

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