The final word.

13 10 2008

It goes like this: I started this blog to write about my experiences in Brazil. To keep in touch with family. To have a permanent reminder of my everyday, to have a reason to reflect on each day. To remember my time there.

When I lived in New Haven, the reason I blogged was because I was asked by an editor to tell the city what it was like to teach in a public school and to wait tables for the New Haven elite. To inform, to uncover, to delight, to critcize. That blog ended, of course, when I moved to Brazil and discovered a whole new reason to write.

I’m bringing this blog to a close today. I do it not because I don’t have a reason to write; rather, I want to preserve this blog as a beginning-to-end record of my time in Brazil. It is a package of words and I want to keep it as such. I came, I saw, I danced, I went home. And because of all that, I now know where home is. And it’s with that idea that I joyfully wrap up all my words.

I am grounded in New York, and focused. I am connected to a family. I am thankful—-so thankful—-for the opportunities I have had and will continue to have because of my school, my wonderful family, and my ever-expanding group of friends and colleagues. Lately I’ve felt troubled writing here as if it’s inappropriate, as if my New York words somehow spoil all the ones the came before. I can’t bring myself to change the header on this blog. It was my home in Brazil. To change it seems criminal.

I end this blog today because I want to start a new one. In much the same way that I have started a new life here, I feel it is appropriate to start a new. Anew. With all that is happening in our country now, with all destruction from the past and with all the hope for the future, it seems appropriate to make a clean break, right here, right now. I’ll have a new blog someday, hopefully November 4th, hopefully when Obama is elected our new president. How appropriate it will be then to write from a place of change! (If you care to receive an update email, just subscribe to this blog using the button on the top right, and you’ll be able to find out what the new blog is all about.)

I’d like to say thank you to those of you who stumbled upon this blog somewhere over the past two years, who contributed good thoughts on sad days, and who celebrated along with me on the good days. Who gave me laughter and support. Food for thought. Friendship. Book recommendations. I’ve never known companionship like I have through this blog and I hope to see you again on another one.

So, until then, muito obrigada pelo seu amor, sua amizade, e pelas suas palavras. Ate mais…!


Winners of Comment Karma!

8 06 2008

There are three of you because yesterday at the hippie fair I bought three sets of goodies, mostly because there can never be just one winner of anything.

So here they are:


(Send me your mailing address!)

Thanks to all of you who participated, and regardless of the fact that some of you told me NOT to put your names into the game, I did anyway because that’s the right thing to do. 

And also, pass it on! It’s a fun and a good way to share something from your corner of the world. 

Into the bags…and into your mailbox.

1 06 2008

My apartment is on its way to getting packed up and shipped off. Today I took out all of my clothing from my closets in the bedroom and separated the things I will take back and the things I will donate. The donation bag is, at this point, much larger than the bag of things to bring back. When I moved here, I brought with me six huge bags filled with clothes that, over the months and years, have now withered away to rags. The clothes I bought here to fill out my wardrobe will sadly remain here because for the most part, what’s worn in Brazil should stay in Brazil. Fashion here is very Brazil-specific, and with the exception of a couple of bags, a dress, and some flip-flops, I’m not bringing much Brazilian stuff back with me. Therefore, the six bags with which I made the trek here will most likely be going into my suitcases to take up room. It’s nice to know I can travel relatively lightly.

When my friends came over this morning to announce their engagement, they looked around my very dusty and cluttered apartment and remarked on its bareness. I didn’t have the guts to tell them it really had been that bare the whole time, but perhaps the dust that I refuse to pick up because it refuses to stay picked up made it seem more barren. And then afterwards, I ran a couple loads of laundry and commenced packing. My guest room is the dedicated packing room and so I have all my space saver plastic bags spread out with my duffels and backpacks and paintings I’ve never framed because I knew I would be leaving someday and didn’t want to deal with trying to pack or ship framed art. It’s nice to know everything I have can fit into suitcases and I don’t need to spend time worrying about how to ship oddly shaped things. Of all the things I’m bringing home with me there is only one thing I’m nervous about, and that’s a glass bowl one of the teachers gave me last year for my birthday. I’ll have to either carry it on or else find a box to put it in and then pack around it really well with soft things in my suitcase. I also have presents to bring home and I’m thinking of devoting one suitcase just to presents. I love giving presents. 


And so here’s where your mailbox thing comes in. Nilsa, over at newsomi, had a great idea to give a goody bag to commenters on her site. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’ve got exactly two more full weekends of Cambui hippie fairs left. And so what that means is that I’m going to make some more gift runs, which is how you’ll benefit if you leave a comment this week. Everyone who leaves a comment will be eligible for a Brazilian goody bag, and at the end of the week (winner announced on Sunday June 8th) I will draw a name and in 10-15 days you’ll receive something great from where I live!

It’s about karma, it’s about sharing, and it’s about good things. 


Any tips for moving? packing? Any ideas for how to spend my final three weeks here?